how to…prepare for the 800 weddings this summer

Operation Summer ’08 Weddings

How do you decide what to wear to the 800 weddings this nuptial season? You do a fashion show/photo op with one of your most beautimous friends, of course!


45 thoughts on “how to…prepare for the 800 weddings this summer

  1. If you were to literally go to 800 weddings this summer, that would be 8.6 weddings a day…….just in case you wondered.

    800/(June 20th – Sept 20th)=8.6

  2. Hi Cathi. I love this post.

    I love posing for the cam!

    Sometimes, I feel I was a fashion model in my past life. Hehehehehe

    I’m sure you had so much fun doing all those poses. I love your fake laugh pose, where are cathi’s eyes pose, and gone with the wind pose. And I love what you’re wearing in your let’s go shopping pose. It’s very much like me. I love all-white outfits topped with a colored sweatshirt/cardigan, preferably old-rose, or pastel.


  3. I know it, Joey! Doesn’t it sound impossible!?!?! sheesh! Now you know why this operation was so critical!

    Yes, brainteaser, posing for the cam is soooo much fun…however, I have a thing about not being alone in a picture. It gives me a complex or something. But I’m glad you enjoyed it! Picking out what to wear to those things is huge! Next stop…shoes!

  4. Wet Seal has amazing heels. In lots of colors. On the cheap.

    Can I come shopping with you???!!!

    I MUST get off this thing. I’m starting to salivate and suddenly want to go browse for shoes. 😯

  5. These in Lifesaver Red for your red/black dress:
    (I have them in black and brown. LOVE THEM. Tons of comps always)

    These for your all black dress:

    And these in white for your blue dress:

    OR you could get these bad boys and wear with all three dresses:


    I have a sickness. I know.

  6. Black Dress:

    Red trim dress: (pick the lifesaver red color)
    (I have these in brown and black, get lots of comps everytime I wear them!)

    Blue Dress:


    (in white)

    or you get be really brave and just buy these bad boys and wear them with all three dresses:

    I am a sick sick person. 😯

    heehee 😆

    My faves though are my first pick for the blue dress. Mm hmm.

  7. ok. first.

    that blue looks stunning on you. or you look stunning in that blue. yes, that’s it. the last one. right.

    the fake laugh pic is my fave.

    the all black dress, imo, looks best on you. i would so date you. oh yeah. you know it!

  8. I rescued you from the spam monster, brandy!!! I feel like a real super hero now!!!

    So bran, those shoes are aahhhhh-mazing! I have ones like the the ones you chose for the black dress…I’m sooooo up for the silver ‘one-for-all’ pair! The only problem is that 2 of my 800 weddings is outside…I’m thinking I need you to find me some cute flats now!! Ok, my personal shoe-shopper…on your marks…get set…

    Tam, but wouldn’t you do the same thing if you had the cutest hair in the world? I would. I really, really would! People I don’t even know would get hostile blog take overs…oh wait. uh. never mind. But I like the blue one the best too…it’s just really short, so I’ll have to make sure it’ flies well w/ the slice. We’ll see once he gets home. And the imo black dress…that’s my “pinky up” dress. And brandy’s choice of shoes for that one was sooo perfect! So, for this date proposition…I think Mark would get jealous, but sure! 😉

    Kristi! If that’s what makes you sing, glory girlfriend, I’d even wear sweats!!! Where will you be in October? I’m soooo in!

    Mandy Mac! Let’s just pray none of my students show up to any of these here weddings…they have issues w/ separating roles…but w/ 800 weddings, I don’t think the odds are in my favor!
    But overall, YESSS!!! FAKE LAUGHING PICTURES ARE THE BEST EVER!!! No one takes a bad fake laughing picture. It’s like the picture genie!!! Do it! Seriously – you won’t be disappointed!

  9. HA! Cindy…you know, most of my pics turn out like that unless I consciously think about opening my eyes wider! The school photographers used to HATE it! The other kids would get yelled at b/c of their posture…and me…my eyes! UGH!

  10. You’re so beautiful!!

    What fun – are you ALWAYS so exuberant – joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic?!!

    Black dress with red heels sounds fabulous. Go for it!

  11. I am feeling like I have a tad bit too much testosterone for this post, BUT… I am never one to shy away from sharing my opinion:

    The black dress definitely looks great, and will probably be usable at all 800 weddings. Everything else to me seemed like they would only work for a couple hundred weddings, but never 800. SO it’s a clear-cut decision for me. Besides, black is always chic.

    Ok, I am feeling rather strange now… just dont tell anyone I comented on a fashion post, it will ruin my whole tough image… lol (quit laughing tam)

  12. Ok, this is way off topic, but only in Cathi’s world can I get away with it….What the heck is the lip shaking smile thing supposed to be??????

  13. OH brandy…I’m glad you’re you! I’m thinking the my red heels will most definitely go well w/ the black dress! I’m still in need of the flats though…the wedding mark’s doing next week is in an almond orchard…I’m way too klutzy on my own, but bring in a few loose branches, and I’ll be flat on my face in no time!

    MICHELLE!!! I sooooo loved the description “joyously unrestrained”!!! Can I put that on my resume???? thanks for the vote on the black dress…I do feel quite posh in it! It’s a definite “up do” dress…oh, this is so much fun!

    Mr. Mocha!!! thanks for being strong and confident enough in your masculinity to comment on this post! I love having your opinion. It’s very logical and witty! We’ll definitely go w/ the chic for at least 500 of the 800. Thanks for your input!!!

    Awww, musing, thanks for the compliment! I just love black and white pics…I’m definitely NOT a photographer, but they make me feel a little bit more like one than the old school disposables, now don’t they!

    Miss Tawny, please, always feel free to discuss anything here on…we’re not shy at all! Now, the lip shaking smile thing is a subjective smiley face that is completely relative to whatever opinion the author chooses…witty, sarcastic, funny, laughter, skeptic, break of tension/comic relief, or a clever tool to use after making a off-color comment just to make it seem less hurtful…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But that’s just MY little bit of an opinion…but don’t leave it to me, ask someone who uses it…like little miss brandy!!! I stick to the old faithfuls 🙂

  14. just have to tell you, “or a clever tool to use after making a off-color comment just to make it seem less hurtful” has got to be my favorite reason for the lip twitch. 🙂

  15. Oh, but Tam, I give Mocha 3 man cards for his willingness to even make a comment on this post! And my slice too…even though he’s patronizing us…

    And Tam…I’ve chosen all three…and I’ve added a few more to the mix. I’m wearing the blue one to the wedding this weekend, the strapless to the wedding in 3 weeks and the black one to yet another one…

    Take it, tawny! The lip twitch is ALL YOURS!!! 😉

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