How To Tuesday… Ninja Tricks at the movies

Well, in honor of kristiapplesauce’s recent post regarding her movie-going experience and b/c ninja training is on my list of Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog, I’ve decided to share one of my said ninja tricks. You need no nunchakus or swords, just a movie ticket and possibly a really cool eye patch.

Have you ever been sitting in a theater, watching a movie, minding your own business, when all of a sudden, you are unable to hold the 40 oz of soda in your 10 oz bladder? You then proceed to the restroom and find that once you return to aforementioned theater, you can’t see a thing, you climb over laps, get an extra handful of popcorn and goose a granny all before your eyes adjust to the darkness?

Well, have no fear, Cathi is here! Here’s the trick…just before you leave the darkness of the theater, close or cover one eye [yeah, like a pirate], do your “business” with that one eye covered the entire time [takes some practice, I know], and don’t open your one closed eye until you re-enter the dark theater – then open your previously closed eye and voila! You can see perfectly!

[This trick may have also been known to be used by ninjas for midnight potty breaks and may help alleviate the problem of late night stubbed toes…]

Again…you’re very welcome!


27 thoughts on “How To Tuesday… Ninja Tricks at the movies

  1. Considering two eyes are required to correctly percieve depth, my attempts at testing this skill last night nearly got me into a fight. Thankfully, due to some quick talking, name dropping, and threats of incarceration, I only had to pay for some guy’s dry-cleaning. 😎

  2. Taminator…I have to admit…you’re right. But I prefer almonds!

    Morning Love!!!! I do have to inform you that I taught the turtles everything they know…they try to play it off otherwise, b/c they had to and all…
    But little Einstein and Archimedes are doing well. Neither of them are attempting their flying tricks anymore. We’re now at the “sleep w/ your eyes open” stage…kind of freaky, but cool nonetheless!

    Michelle! I do private training! And due to that amazing compliment, I wouldn’t charge you a dime!!!!

    Oh Scott…I should have warned you…but didn’t you see the hidden disclosure? Your failure to sign the dotted line before attempting may come back to bite you in a court of law.
    [and the smilie guy bears a strong resemblance to you, sir mocha!!!]

  3. cathi, the ninja’s stole that trick from the pirates. They wore an eye patch on one eye so when they move between above and below deck one eye had night vision and they could see in the dark.

    I saw this proven on Mythbusters.


  4. *For some reason it doesn’t show my dashboard when I click on your page today, nor am I signed in to Wp..hrmm!*

    Anywayyy, that is a very neat theatre trick!! It seems like it would definitely be a helpful trick in those dark theatres…especially when there’s a dark scene on the screen!! ^.^

  5. Well Ed & Mandy Mac, I have to admit that my ninja ancestors used to be pirates, but switched once it became cool to have a hook…b/c it’s a lot harder to do many things when you have a sharp pointy object as a hand…i.e., dancing, eating, blogging, etc., you know.

    No worries, Heather, I know who you are [in the blogosphere that is…if I saw you in real life, I’d probably do the smile/nod thing that makes random people feel cool]. You seriously need to try this trick…It’s my nightly bathroom break trick…works every time! 🙂

    Tawny, I’m so glad you’re telling this to the world…where where you when I was in jr. high????

    Love, I’ll take whatever you can give me!!!!!!!!

  6. So this post just sealed the deal. Not because you mentioned me…but because I laughed out loud. You are sealed. Locked in. Done. Yup. We are friends. I know it might have seemed like we were before…but nope…until you get an outright laugh…you aren’t. But no worries…how could you have known? But now you do, and you did, so good good. Carry on.

  7. i was starving last night. well. not really. but i needed to grab some yogurt outta the fridge at like oh say 4:00 am. so i did your pirate trick. dang if it didn’t work!

    ps: congrats on getting “an outright laugh” from KA. those are the best.

    hi kristi!

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