MIA… {in cali} | part 1

I’m not blogging on our vacation. No, I’m not. I’m only temporarily logged onto this little thing called wordpress while Mark’s meeting w/ the bride and groom re. final wedding details, that’s all…


6 thoughts on “MIA… {in cali} | part 1

  1. So just in case you needed any more information to think I was cool…I used to manage an In-N-Out back in the day. Yup. I heart that company. And I heart you for making me hungry in the middle of the night. mmmmmm. Late night snacks are the best.

  2. Not Blogging? I guess I won’t comment then – I would just be wasting my time. When you do blog again I will leave a comment – but not today – your not blogging so I won’t. i won’t even ask when do you plan to blog again.

  3. i’ve been meditating. nay. ruminating at the thought of calling food “in-n-out”.

    seriously. the “out” part makes me not wanna eat it.
    why would that be a selling point?

    we had a GREAT GREAT GREAT tacky dirty greasy world-famous hotdog/burger/pork chop sandwich place back in Georgia, called Willie’s Weenie Wagon (stop laughing)… anyway, Drew, upon taking first-timers there, would always warn them that they’d pay for it twice.

    he was right most of the time.

    shoulda called that place Willie’s In-N-Out Weenies.

    i think i just grossed myself out.

  4. i’ve never eaten at an in-n-out burger.


    i was on co-parenting duty the past few weeks. lots of feeding-the-baby action took place. and very often, as i was giving peaberry her bottle, she’d load up her pants. simultaneous action. and each time she did it, i’d call her “my little in-n-out burger”!

  5. Thanks to you all…I’ll never think of in n out the same! First, I’ll always remember that kristiapplesauce seriously is the most amazingly fantastic woman EVER and next…I think I’ll just puke a little every time i think of mandy and alece’s logic. oh dear.
    and thank you, dear papa for not commenting here…

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