Well, I resolved to show some more buzz-word-of-2007, “authenticity”, around here [which wasn’t my idea in the first place…she started it]…I was prompted by her post to expose a bit of my “flip the fruit and see the bruises” side.

…oh well, here she goes…
I’m a rebel. In high school, this fleshed out more vividly than now, but this community got a dose of this flintstone vitamin a while back when I stopped doing a daily post. You see, I like to do things when they’re not required, once they become required, I rebel. I felt as though my blog required a daily post…ergo, I rebelled.
So there. That’s a little bit of me you didn’t see. Surprise!


fifty years from now…in 2058

For those of you who are allergic to mushy-gushy posts, be forewarned, take your meds, and then read away…

I want to be like this 50 years from now…

I want to still heart kissing pictures

I want to still have our special way of holding hands

I want to make people squirm out of a mix of sweetness and discomfort

I don’t want to loose what we have…I just want what we have to gain wrinkles.

this little stegall went to the market

So, our family did some tourism in our hometown today…my joj and my dad took us to the westside market and sokolowski’s university inn & restaurant…two “must see spots” in the cleveland area, and two places I’ve never graced w/ my presence. How’d I miss this?

this little piggy...

this little piggy...

minute innuendos flew out the window years ago!

minute innuendos flew out the window yearsago!

look at the size of that cabbage?!?!

look at the size of that cabbage?!?

berries, berries and cherries! My fav!!!

berries, berries and cherries! My fav!!!

i heart kissing pictures.

i heart kissing pictures.

and you wonder where we get it from?!?

and you wonder where we get it from?!?

mondays with marjie {oh BABY}

Like I need more reasons why not to have children in my life right now…my top five reasons are

  1. I’d like to finish my ph.d.
  2. Mark and I want to be “settled down” [i.e., actually living in the house we own]
  3. We need better reasons than cute names, cute hair styles and cute clothes
  4. We need to find out if they bottle patience and buy stock in it
  5. I’m WAY TOO SELFISH of my time w/ Mark…I don’t want to share!

Now, please be aware that we do love kids and most definitely want some of our own someday…but as Mark says, “we’re on the 5-10 year plan”.

With that said, Marjie sent me this link of 20 Baby Products that are sure to traumatize your children until they have kids of their own…or at least until the stegalls have kids of their own!

Here were my top 5 favorites….

Thudgard Baby Helmet…baby’s first head gear – now, is this for the bumps from taking off the training wheels of crawling or the terrible-two moments where she bangs her head against the wall until she gets her blue’s clues spoon in her cheerios?

Baby Mop – while they’re down there, they might as well be put to good use, right?

Manual Snot Sucker – ok, this actually made me gag. I laughed, but I most definitely gagged.

Baby leash – wasn’t the 9 months of an umbilical cord long enough? The article does give the warning for joggers not to use this product. Nice.

Baby Keeper – seriously, this is my favorite of all the products. I’ve always said that I’m not ready to have kids b/c you still can’t duct tape them to the wall…well, this one is close enough for me! I sure hope they still have this around 5-10 years from now! Can I put this on my Target Baby Registry?

other products worth the honorary mention

  • the pee-pee teepee
  • Metallica Lullabies [that one’s for you, 5th Street]
  • Her First Heels
  • Baby Toupee & Baby Tattoos
  • Man Boobs [for the seinfeld in all of us]

two pastors, two brides and a caterer walk into a hall

It started at 7:30 in the morning and ended after 9 o’clock at night…this one couple [me & my slice, that is] had our share of laughs, tears, video montages, bows, flowers, bubbles, guest books, cake, favors and get away cars…yesterday! Two weddings in one day… we’re officially wedding’d out!

…a quick change of shoes and accessories, and we’re good to go to the second affair!




when life gives you lemons… {a top ten, of sorts}

Where do I begin? My guess is to start at the beginning, but I like the end much more. Ergo, I will begin with the end.
I feel like me! After only a week of recovery, I feel like me! What does “me” feel like? Can’t really explain that one, but it’s good nonetheless.
What have I learned through this experience? Well…here’s my growing catalog of thoughts:

  1. Even though the bathroom is just across the hall, it can never be close enough.
  2. Even though they’re expensive, shiny and turn everyone’s head, Ambulance rides are so overrated.
  3. Once you’re in the ER, dignity is one of the things that gets tossed in the “personal belongings” bag.
  4. Orange jell-o tastes like Orange Glow cleaner. Thank you, Billy Mays, but your recipe sucks.
  5. Visitors feel like sunshine.
  6. My kittens can seriously sense injury…but they also like to eat flowers, only to up-chuck the pretty petals moments later. nice.
  7. My dad was right – chicken noodle soup really is Jewish Penicillin.
  8. To feel the prayers of people around the world is like putting all wonderfulness together and giving it a big hug.
  9. Laughter – if I could bottle it up, I’d make millions!
  10. My husband truly is captain awesome! [Don your cape, babe – everyone knows it’s you.]