i can be bought

So, I’m not going to lie, for it wouldn’t fool a soul…I’m not a morning person. In fact, I typically converse by responding in a single grunt until 10 am. However, I recently figured out one of Mark‘s skillful maneuvers to get me moving in the morning. I became acutely aware of this last night when all this man had to say in response to my aversion to an early morning mission was, “We’ll stop by starbucks on the way”, and I gutlessly gave into this caffeinated compromise.

Furthermore, I realized this isn’t the first time he’s used this ploy…he uses this venti-sized strategy at least once a week. oh dear. I truly have issues.


19 thoughts on “i can be bought

  1. there is a starbucks being built on Okeechobee, I will take you there every since morning, if you move back down here… Ok we both know I can’ t afford to actually buy you anything every single morning… but I will take you there

  2. Mama likes her ice cream – but no coffee! Mama is up early and usually within 15 minutes she is ready for the day – me, about the same. I wish i could find that key that would get her to jump at my command ! lol

  3. oh, sweet alece, i knew we had more in common than a huge desire to hug little african babies for the rest of our lives! Brink in the good ol’ pikes place and you have my heart for at least until the caffeine wears off!

    Oh Sellars, Alece and Michell….I’m so glad to know I would have at least a few other associates in the starbucks addicts anonymous groups…let’s be friends. I’ll bring the coffee! 😉

    Now Mandy Mac, don’t give me that crap! I know I could bust out a few chips a’hoy and have you groveling in no time!

    Ha! Kristi, it only took him about 2 dates to figure out my weakness…and 10 years later, here we are!

    Taminator! I totally would take you up on it…however, the only way I could afford the ticket is if I stop going to said starbucks, or what my dad informally calls “st. big bucks”. I do love you though!

    Jules, you’re breakin’ my heart, dearness. Breakin. My. Heart.

    Papa, I’m so glad to know that you hold one of the keys to your beloved’s beckon call! Ice cream is one of the foremost effective keys this side of the atlantic! Way to find the treasure, papa!!!!!

  4. i am NOT ignoring you – i WANT you to know that!

    Ok so actually i AM ignoring you! – BUT IT IS NOT intentional!!!

    it is a byproduct of our Sourthern winter mornings being way to cold – even for the promise of a ‘free’ coffee ( so many caffeine junkies here – all except Mandy Mac of course – what a sweetie 🙂

    Hi Mandieeee. 🙂

    So – i feel sure after reading this post you can relate to my ‘predicament’ – no mornings means not enough time in the ‘day’ 😦

    I still love you – you mad fhakefpeare fan you!

    i ♥ Cathi ( and Mandy)

    And Alece and Sis

    and Bwan.

    and of course the ‘Taminator’

    and Gchy…

    Awww heck it’d be easier just to say who i don’t love here 🙂


  5. Cathi: OUCH!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! i’m laughing that you said crap. and i’m crying that you threatened me with chips ahoy. OUCH!!!!

    Love: HI!!!!!!!!!!! i heart you too!!!! 🙂

  6. Oh love, I don’t take much personally, so we’re all good. I think you might just need a cup of coffee now though caffeine w/drawl causes undue crabbiness and avoidance….but that’s just my professional opinion. 😉 But you are loved right back! This here blog is supported by love like yours!!!!!!!!

    And Mandy Mac, I knew I could get you with just very thought of the wonderful wrapped goodness of chocolatey chips a’hoy…yum!!! I didn’t say I wouldn’t indulge w/ you though…we could make it a guiltless guilt fest!!!

    Michelle, are you yelling at me? I’ll take it like a champ though…your request has been delivered! Mucho luvin!

  7. Found you through Tam…I could have written this post. I am SO not a morning person. Luckily I have an espresso machine that caffeinates me each and every morning, because we (hubby included) found this to be far cheaper than the drive thru coffee habit we had developed. Unfortunately for that plan, the espresso machine is so loud that it would wake the kids up when he goes to work (6am), which would be too early!!

  8. Then, Welcome, Miss Kristen!!! So, the idea that you can be bought hits home for you too…literally! You’re own personal espresso machine! Is that as amazing as having your own personal butler b/c, seriously, I’d be so stoked to have my own espresso machine – it’d be like having Mr. Belvedere at my beckon call!!!

  9. Cathi..yes it is nearly as amazing as having a personal butler because it is a “superautomatic”!! Which means you switch it on and push a button an viola, here comes 2 beautiful shots of espresso. Luckily for me I drink americanos (I’ve gradually reduced the sugar and milk content of my drinks of choice over the last 2 years or so) so it takes me about 1 minute to make my morning coffee. The only downfall is that it is SO convenient that yesterday I drank 8 shots of coffee throughout the day…eeeks!

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