Mondays with Marjie {malnutrition}

Do to my California siesta we had no Mondays with Marjie last week. We’re making up for it today with this amazing link Marjie sent me to an Anderson Cooper article featuring a nutritional breakthrough and the research of Doctors without Borders relief group.

It’s cheap, easy to make, and even easier to use. What is this miraculous cure? As CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports, it’s a ready-to-eat, vitamin-enriched concoction called “Plumpynut,” an unusual name for a food that may just be the most important advance ever to cure and prevent malnutrition.

This inexpensive, peanut butter flavored, non-refrigerated miracle paste seems to be the answer to one of the world’s largest problems of malnutrition.

My heart beats for solving global poverty and hunger, so reading about this wonder plumpynut-potion makes me want to donate every tub of Jiff in my cupboard to Doctors without Borders. [I wonder if they can do anything with my extra navy beans?]

Here’s the UNICEF video of the wonder paste, aka “plumpynut”


53 thoughts on “Mondays with Marjie {malnutrition}

  1. and by marry him I mean.. like for real if he could be the spritual leader of our home.. and not work so much.. and …. I have a very unrealistic cruch on Anderson Cooper… did I ever tell you that I wanted my radio name to be Julie Cooper? Because of that… I think that if it wouldn’t crush my parents I would change my name to julie cooper…
    What do you say doc?

  2. i need to “ditto” julie cooper.

    anderson is one fine lookin’ man.

    and i just wonder why they couldn’t come up with a better name than “plumpynut” for the answer to the world’s nutrition problems.

  3. Oh mandy mac! Way to bring in the ever-fun-lovin life of lucy!!! Did you know she and I share birthdays! I heart her gloriously!!!!!!! And I’m hearing your big-yeah and raising you a woot-woot.

    Julie Cooper…I like it. That hottie would make me a good brother-in-law… Just in case you needed the approval.

    HA! Alece, you are sooo right on w/ that thought. I also wonder what they call it in Niger. I like my idea of calling it Miracle Paste. [In honor of the taminator, “I’m just sayin'”]

  4. alece, aren’t you already married???????

    the other lucy – the one from peanuts – the brat – well, i’ve been nicknamed after her. and alece seems to like that name for me. twisted blogworld we live in.

  5. but you ditto-ed her!!! and she said she’d marry him.

    *cough* *cough* *ahem*

    that’s a keeper for dang sure.
    and you can be leecy-pants. k?

    ps: how did you bold yourself up there? teach me the code, please ma’am.

  6. alright, alright, alright…

    and… here’s my trick:

    and then the stuff you want to bold

    but don’t put the spaces in the code. i just did that so you could see what the code is.

    give it a try…

  7. dangit.

    even with spaces, it converted it to code. smart, wordpress… smart.

    you know those lovely little code brackets ()? use that with a b in the middle of them (like a b bracket sandwich) to start things off. then type whatever you want bolded. then do the b bracket sandwich again, but before the b type a /.

    that seems like such a confusing way to explain what is really not that difficult…

  8. holy crow. it ate my brackets. i had brackets in those parenthesis.

    it’s the less than and greater than symbols.

    maybe separate lines will work:


  9. i’m peeing my pants over here.
    you guys keep me young.
    oh. wait.
    i’m younger than all of “ya’ll”.

    and papa…your 800 number is rock-star amazing!

    p.p.s…I only like peanut butter w/ it’s strawberry counterpart. Do you think plumpynut comes w/ strawberry preserves for pb snobs like me?

  10. julie…just remember that the rain in spain falls mainly on the plain. that’s all.

    Alece…you should read my most recent book, “how to be humble like me” it should be a best seller!

  11. michelle, did I tell you that I heart your heart too…i didn’t want to miss that one! I do, sweet thang, I do! And I’m so thankful for your prodding…you make me feel loved and appreciated every single time! 🙂

  12. we have a whole “like me” collection, don’t we? we should start a jabez-type marketing strategy, complete with “be like me” bracelets, bookmarks, journals, coasters, and candles.

  13. well, i would buy them if they said something upbeat like:
    “I think I’d like myself better if I were someone else.”

    i’m sorry. i think i’m having a hormonal moment.

    might need to warn drew to stay away today, for fear of biting his head off.
    i already did.
    dang it.
    now i’m gonna have to apologize.

  14. cathi — a big YES to the mugs!!

    mandy — “i don’t even wanna be like me.” i say that very same thing. a lot. sorry to hear about your icky morning…

  15. but, wait,
    i don’t really like apple pie. even when it’s smothered in vanilla icecream.

    i guess that just brings me right back to where we started.

    maybe you like apple pie???

  16. i love apple pie. appley desserts are my favorite kind and only available to me here in america (or when i make them from scratch back in SA). whenever possible, i order appley desserts anytime i can.

    but… since you don’t like apple pie, that can’t be our mantra.

  17. catchy.

    this sounds much more reflective than affirming…

    nonetheless, it’s much better than my sad suggestions!

    [i promise i haven’t been critical and negative all day. i don’t exist as Eeyore anywhere else in life right now. i promise.]

  18. ‘no jumpers’
    ‘no jumpers’
    ‘no gagging’
    ‘no gagging’

    so – i woke up with “every rose has it’s thorn” playing in my head this morning. does that make me crazy?

    and, leecy-pants, i hope you don’t mind that i genuinely laughed that eeyore was your favorite! 🙂

  19. so, I just read this…and again, I’m so ultimately AMAZED & SHOCKED that we had the same stinking song stuck in our heads this morning. Mark said it was on the tv show that I watch for pure guilty pleasure [the OC] last night…did you watch that too, or are we just kindred spirits separated by 10 hours of asphalt?

    Alece, Eeyore can be our mascot! I’ve always wanted a mascot!!!!!!!!!!

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