quote of the day!

if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it!
SEOK-JOO KIM, Case PhD student

{A little bit of awesomeness to make your day a little brighter}


13 thoughts on “quote of the day!

  1. you hit it on the head! I just met Joo today – he was hysterical! This was just one of the pieces of amazingness sponsored by him today! I love it when humor and intelligence mix…it just makes me feel like showers of flowers!

  2. “showers of flowers”….i gain something bright from you all the time. thanks for visiting my blog…..it’s usually more light hearted than what you read today….so please come back. : )

  3. I’m trying to live this philosophy…it can be quite a challenge.

    Witty intelligence is the best! That’s why I lurk when you, Tam, Mandy and Alece have your great exchanges toward the end of comment threads. Just so you know, I’m always watching. 😯 Ewww…that was kind of creepy. 😳

    You continually brighten my day, thanks!

  4. michelle, that confession makes me feel…uh…nice.
    But michelle, I’m glad you joined in this time…the exchanges are much better when we get your contribution…it’s like the sprinkles on top of ice cream…they make the cake!

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