dear lola… {stalled etiquette}

Dear Lola, I was just wondering…Is it as bad to use the bathroom stalls set aside for the physically disabled as it is to use their parking spots?


23 thoughts on “dear lola… {stalled etiquette}

  1. if it is empty, I don’t think so. usually the bathroom is a relatively quick process, where you could park in a handicap parking spot for a whole day. I usually use the handicap bathrooms because I have three kids with me and the extra space is nice, plus lots of businesses put the changing table on the wall of the handicap bathroom.

    but I would never park in a handicapped parking spot. 🙂

  2. i like your idea of the bathroom being a “relatively quick process”, brandi. that makes me giggle. And am I sensing a bit of sarcasm in your last statement or is that out of pure sincerity?

  3. I agree with Brandi. If it’s empty and you have children with you, go for it. My dear daughter (4) hates flushing toilets and tries to get as far away from them as possible…difficult to do in a 3×4′ area…much easier in a 6×10′ area. Plus it isn’t against the law to use the handicap accessible stall… 🙂

  4. I have to use that stall when I’m cramming me, my two kids and all of our bags in one place. It feels cramped even in the big bathroom.

  5. Ummm I use the handicap bathroom because of the space. And I have this whole process of going to the bathroom; the regular stalls are too small [tissue on the seat if there are no covers, I take my wipes and other things LOL; it’s quite the process for me]. I won’t do it in a busy environment though because then it’s more likely that I’m in there and a disabled person is standing outside waiting and I walk out, perfectly abled, and get stared at 😯

    I couldn’t see what you had under your question… it a picture?

    Love the new header btw. Love you so much XOX

  6. I personally am in a handicap stall right now, and plan on being here all day… or at least till my feet get numb. (Thank God for WiFi, bringing a cable with me always inspired too many questions.)

    And what’s the big deal, I dont feel infringed on when handicapped people use our toilets… But if they make a mess, we have a problem.

    So no, Mrs. Stegall… it is not as bad. 🙂

  7. @kristen, I’m trying to see if you’re really talking about your daughter’s fear or if it is a divergence of your own, eh? What does she do w/ the automatic flushers? Those things even catch me off guard…the one at the college has premature flushing issues. really.

    @lori: so then, the handicap stall is the Crème de la Crème of choices for your tush? We need our space, yes! Yes, indeed!

    @gch…ha!!!! You know, I do the “Hinie Halo” on every single toilet see my tush touches! Even at home! Nothing’s under the question…just a wordpress glitch, I guess. I’ll try to attend to that right now…

    @scott…i’m glad you found your point of inspiration…some people travel to the top of mountains, other’s travel to their mecca…you, sir mocha, have your inspiration hot spots every 10 miles even on the turnpike! Wow…impressive!

  8. Cathi…I have relatively few issues of my own…I find it hard to be anal about anything really…pun definitely not intended.
    For her, it all started with the automatic flushers, they scare her a LOT…I think she thinks they are going to suck her in. She asks me EVERY time we enter a bathroom if it the toilet “flushes by itself”…as if I have a map of every toilet in every place we go potty that says if it’s an auto or manual. She used to refuse to go because she was so scared. She has somewhat gotten over that hurdle, but will still stand there with her pants down and her hands over her ears just waiting…….for the dreaded flush.

  9. I see were are on the subject of toilet’s again. I think of the Marcel Duchamp “art work” which consisted of a urinal. It’s probably worth millions 🙂 .

    If there are other stalls avaliable you should leave the “handicap” stall to the physically disabled, it’s the only one they can use – and you guys call yourself’s Christians. 🙂

  10. I use the handicap stall all the time – I have handicaps that make the space advantageous to me – seriously. Fortunately, it usually is available – however, this one time passing through North Dakota there was a mother and her three boys in the stall and I wet my pants.

  11. Sorry about that Papa. 😳 😉

    Yes. I use the handicap stall. And no, it’s not as big of a deal as if you used the parking spot.

    Try getting three kids in the skinny stalls. Ain’t happenin’.

    Funny story, and reason #320 Cathi won’t have kids….when I was pregnant with Owen, I had to take Dylan to the potty. I had to use the skinny stalls. Fat pregnant lady, toddler, and skinny stalls don’t go hand in hand. There was barely enough room for ME in there. So anyway, I’m dressing up the toilet seat for him (he still sat at this point, even though I still dress it up now that he stands) and I sit him down, tell him to hold onto my legs so he doesn’t grab the toilet seat. What happens? He is sitting too close to the edge and isn’t “angled” right, and he pees all over my legs and it puddles in my sandles. SERIOUS. It was awful. My mom, who was waiting at the sinks, could SEE what happened and couldn’t stop laughing. I had to lay down toilet seat cover on the floor, take off my shoes, and toss them to my mom to rinse off. Then I had to rinse off my legs. It was also all over Dylans shorts.

    I am convinced this would not have happened in a larger stall where I could have stood to the side and held him up. 😕

    Larger stalls are a must. For everyone. 😀

    Wow that was an entirely too long answer to a fairly simple question.

  12. well i wont get a fine for using the handicap restroom like i would using a handicap parking spot. although granny might run my toes over with her wheelchair as i exit her stall i suppose. then. well. that could get ugly, cuz id totally splash water on her and run like….!!!

    and no one wants to see me run.

  13. Mandy, you’re totally right on lola’s identity. She wanted to remain unidentifiable, but seriously, when you’re needing answers, you’re needing answers, right!?!

    Kristen, I’m so glad you clarified…I had a friend who wrote down the city/state of every single u-haul she spotted…you’re chronicled record of every auto-flusher in your area far outweighs that one…FAR OUTWEIGHS. I’m afraid I’d be the merciless mom who says, “suck it up, pumpkin…pee or get off the pot!”

    ed, I’m so glad you’re you and not one to just “go w/ the flow”…i’m quite interested in this potty art…that’s quite the interesting medium…quite.

    now Kristi…I sadly can see you racing to that favored stall…You vs. the gimp…It would probably have it’s own sound track!

    Papa, didn’t you know…that’s when you use the sink and not tell them! Strategy works.

    Brandy…um…yeah, you’re definitely right…that surely makes it on the list. I think that’s when I’d take the kid back to the hospital and ask for a refund.

    Tam, are you saying that if you’d get a fine for “making your deposit” in a pre-ordained pot-spot, you’d change your mind…situational ethics then, hmmmm??? However, your desire to take on a wheelchair is actually impressive! Rock it, taminator, rock it!

  14. I’ll speak to this, being officially handicapped…please don’t take the parking spots. Some of us can barely walk and the distance to the store can seriously limit our ability to get the shopping done.

    Now, the bathroom stall, I’m a bit less anal about. It’s usually so far down there, I choose the closest, cleanest one I can find. Once I start using my motorized chair, well then, please let me have the big stall…please.

    Just some thoughts…

  15. Michelle – point well taken – we have a handicap card to hang on the mirror for mama’s mom when we take her shopping. I have never used the card when she is not with us – those spots are a premium for those that need them. Thanks for the reminder.

  16. Cathi, I thought of you and Alece a LOT today….both for different blog posts. HA!!

    Today, we went to the mall and with three kids in tow, we use the bathrooms a lot. EVERY time I went in there I thought “which stall should I use” and EVERY time I used the big one and laughed to myself. heehee 😆

  17. wow, michelle, I never even thought about the fact that the handicapped stall is the furthest stall away from the door! What if they had to pee really badly!?!?! I bet your “pee-pee dance” is some hot topic in that mobilized chair, you sexy thang, you!

    Papa, you should take mama’s mom’s tag and pin it to your back…then you can use the handicap stalls anytime you want! 🙂

    Brandy, I can’t tell you how much that made me laugh…not just that you thought of me, but that you thought of me IN THE BATHROOM!!!!

    Have I told you guys how much you make me smile? Ahhhh-mazing!

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