lack of thinking picture post | summer ‘break’

day 1:
lunch date
cleveland science museum
imax movie: roving mars
einstein exhibit [in honor of my kitten, for sure]
dinner w/ the future Rex’s

day 2:
5 1/2 hrs w/ my favorite prof. [Favorite thought: “In academia, our currency is ideas”]
an impromptu mini-girls night out w/ “the wives”
“family dinner”

attempted post-post question: what do you do on vacation when you’re unable to go on vacation?


21 thoughts on “lack of thinking picture post | summer ‘break’

  1. ????
    yours is a good question, but i can’t seem to come up with a good answer.
    when i can’t go on vacation? that happens here a lot. because we are stuck. can’t afford airplanes.
    think, mandy, think. what do we do???

    we might take a day trip somewhere ~ Marblehead, MA is my all-time favorite. it’s right beside Salem, MA which is beautiful and haunting all at the same time.
    then there’s the drive to Plymouth Rock (WHAT A JOKE!)
    we also made a day trip to Cape Cod one weekend. aaahhh it was like tacky florida, but here, in MA.
    or made the few hour drive up to the Ben & Jerry’s factory in VT.

    sometimes we go to the local starbucks and sit for hours reading and sipping and talking and sipping.
    or cookout with friends here.

    i guess there’s lots to do when we can’t leave for vacation!

  2. alece! Thanks girlfriend!!! I guess I’d have to revert to what my dad always says, “whenever you’re down and out, just lift up your head and shout, ‘OH SHMIT’!” and it works! 🙂

    Mandy Mac! You answered my post-post question! How fun is that?!?!? Maybe I won’t be as afraid of them now! I think it’s funny that my recent e/m to you said just about the same thing [but in different words. huh?]! Even when we go on vacations, we toss the itinerary and just hang….every once in a while it will be a planned trip, but we’re so flippin structured in our real lives, that when it comes to vacations…why, really? For me…today was full of oil changes and target shopping sprees! 🙂 what fun

    Oh cindy! I know i’d just have a blast w/ you! You could teach me the ‘booty scootch’ and I could teach you how to stand on your head! I hold the record in my family! 🙂

  3. confession: my list was a lame attempt to entice you to come visit. but, you know, i’d rather go to Target than walk around the dirty smelly subway-infested city any day.

    conclusion: if you visit, we’d do nothing and enjoy every minute of it.

  4. The Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth…walk the historic stockyards and eat BBQ…the Science Museum…the Zoo…the Art Museum…Dinosaur State Park…Mineral Wells State Park…or…

    …swim in the backyard.

  5. You are such a fun person! Can I come hang out with you and have some fun too?

    lol @ Alece’s question “are you ever down and out?”

    I miss you! I know you’re enjoying the summer though. LOVE YOU MUCHOS XOC

  6. I am retired and live 20 miles from a beach. Everyday is a vacation for me. 🙂

    cathi, in that first picture weren’t you at least a little worried that your hubby might give you a little push?

    Also just what were you looking at with that telescope? A nearby hotel room perhaps? 🙂

  7. when i am unable to go on vaca, which is like every day of my life, i basically read blogs about other peoples vacations, and then i curl up in a ball and weep. it’s grand.

  8. Okay, at the risk of adding to your “reasons why Cathi doesn’t want babies” list, I’m never on vacation. Even when on vacation, I’m not on vacation.

    I now understand why my mom always said going camping or on “vacations” was MORE work for her. I never ever understood that before. I do now. Oh do I ever. 😉

    And the only “vacations” Jake and I have really taken together have been hampered by something….one was for a work training/banquet that lastest all week and the other….I was hugely hugely pregnant. Hugely. And that’s no fun.

    And I agree with Alece….You look like you have a blast EVERYWHERE!! Can I come hang? Minus the kiddos. I promise. 😉

    P.S. I realized today “OMGOSH I miss Cathi. Where has she been?” 😉

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