the dog ate my homework

well, where do I start without exceeding my 500 word limit for blog posts?

Um, let’s make this easy…go to Mark’s blog to find out what has happened in the lives of mark and cathi stegall. needless to say, I’ve been a human pin cushion and feel like a blow fish!

Here’s my teacher’s note for my MIA status…


I’m now going into hibernation mode…I’ll be back when I’m less swollen, less drugged, and look less like swiss cheese and more like little miss me!

[ps…i can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for the love, thoughts, prayers, cards, flowers, books, emails, comments and encouragement everyone has given…and yes, MARK STEGALL is the most amazing man EVER!!!!]


17 thoughts on “the dog ate my homework

  1. Yes! You DO look HOTT!! Oh man, you never look bad do you? Ever?!

    I’m glad to hear your alive. Don’t disappear like that on us again. Ever. Got it. Good. 😉

    Love you girl. 😀

  2. I just love you guys so much. I bet if I could have had my computer w/ me in the icu, I would have gotten better even sooner…b/c you do know that laughter is the best medicine, don’t you! And the idea that you think I look hot couldn’t be further than Iceland is from Hawaii!
    Thanks for the prayers though…I’ve missed you guys sooooo much!

  3. when i type the words “so glad you are ok” they just don’t accurately represent the feelings…

    maybe it’s more like:






    with banners and music and jumping up & down.

    no… that still doesn’t do it justice.
    dang it.

  4. Cathi, i just read everything over at mark’s blog. praise God that you’re getting to go home. Danielle, Bennett, Eden and i will pray for a quick recover for you tonight.

    talk soon.


  5. i felt every bit of that, mandy mac, ever single bit!!!!

    brandy…we really need to get that eye drs appt set up for you…I was more swollen than the blow fish on finding nemo!

    totaltransform…your check is in the mail! I was going to send it in pennies, but seeing that it would cost more in postage to send the coins, I opted for the paper form of my appreciation!

    Hey daniel! Thank you so much for the get well wishes! Your family is beautiful and I’m so blessed to have your prayers! Thanks a bunch!

  6. I am so glad you’re better and I don’t even know you!!!

    High acid huh? Looks like you’ll be eating only green veggies. No acid there. I’ll be praying that doesn’t happen again! Thanks for popping over to my bloggity blog blog! i’m so glad you did

  7. When I heard you were in ICU I was like “wha??” ICU…that is crazy. Seriously…I don’t know why or what still…but I am so stinkin glad you are safe and okay. I am still praying for you and that there aren’t any lasting or lingering effects.

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