a great big glass of perspective

In a prayer update that my mom sent about my status, she asked, “Have you ever known anyone to leave ICU to go HOME?”


Here’s another one to try on for size … upon getting my go-ahead for discharge from the doctor, my nurse said, “Forgive me if I have to look this over again, we don’t get to do this very often.”

Talk about a reality check.

This time last week, I was thinking about what to do on my vacation…I’m now thinking how grateful I am to be alive. Talk about drinking a huge glass of perspective to wake you up in the morning!

[and thanks again, my wonderful little community. I’m still getting such encouraging notes and messages from all of you! You’re amazing!]

I have NO IDEA what any of this means, besides “Cathi, you get to go home now”…and that was good enough for me!


24 thoughts on “a great big glass of perspective

  1. Ok – i have beeen mia for a little over two weeks now ( maybe three?) and almost all of blogdom starts to fall apart???

    what is the world coming to when love can’t take a ‘vacation’ without people and their relatives dying or nearly dying???

    If i did not know better i’d say your illness was a ploy to get me to come out of hiding????

    Just don’t pull anything like this again on me, Missy! 🙂

    or on the rest of us out here who love you to BITS ya Crazy Woman! 🙂


    ( SO glad to know you are gettin bettah!)

    I hear Australian skies work wonders for recouperations – if you were wondering? 🙂


  2. a life of perpetual transition —
    happiness, comfort and joy are much more beautiful when coupled with disappointment, trial and heartache

    and sickness…

    I’m so thankful for His healing touch in your life.

    Stay rested, please.

    ♥ you, Cathi!!

  3. Wow Cathi, so glad you are okay. What a scary ordeal!!

    Oh, and the monitor: 1st line= heart rate
    2nd line= EKG (how your heart is beating)
    3rd line=respiratory rate
    4th line= oxygen saturation of your blood
    5th=blood pressure

    Glad all those numbers were good, and you got to go home!! God is good!

  4. Cathi, I am so glad you are home and doing better. Let us know if there is any way we can pray for you. Besides the obvious, of course. XOXO

  5. Oh no….my heart just ached when I read about your sickness. How scary! I am so glad that you are better now! I bet your cuteness blessed that hospital and all the staff! They must have needed a dose of you…..yea, it was all part of God’s amazing plan!

  6. I am so glad you are feelling better! I never heard of anyone else that got to go home straight from ICU..but our God does stuff like that! 😉

    take care of yourself!

  7. It is great to hear you are going home.

    If the 106/58 is your blood pressure that is very good. The National Institute of Health says that 120/80 is “Optimal”

    I see your pluse is 74, was Mark nearby? 🙂

  8. oh, you guys are so fantastic!
    I’m on the road to recovery…a drs appt today will tell me if i can drive and go back to work…I’m so ready for a dose of normalcy!
    And yes, Papa, I’d love to go for a bike ride, but you’d have to put me in the little side car!

  9. Cathi! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA and didn’t even KNOW!! But I’m so THANKFUL that you are home and well again!! God is awesome and dumped some of His awesome on you:) So, just cause I’m curious, what on earth caused there to be so much acid in your blood?? Did they figure out what caused this so that it won’t happen again? And thanks for visiting me today…I love your bubbly:) You are better than champagne!

  10. Hey Kelly! Yeah, things are crazy round these parts! And am so grateful for God’s “dumping”!!! [that was awesome, btw]
    Well, the acidity was triggered ultimately by stress…so, we’re working on that one. Slowing down for the stegalls is like trying to make a turtle roll over!
    And I’ve never been compared to champagne before! Now that’s a compliment I’m keeping in the vault forever!!!! 🙂

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