when play dough tastes too salty

So, the dr says I can’t go back to work until Monday…I’m getting antsy. When I just couldn’t stand the idea of another nap, magazine, book or Seinfeld re-run, I decided to take the pics and footage from Brie & Paul‘s wedding and throw it into a little montage of sorts.

For those of you who are begging for a post, this is the best I could do…sorry Mandy and Brandy, but my creative juices are still in the concentrated form.


42 thoughts on “when play dough tastes too salty

  1. cumulatelove.com stole your post. and they told me i was linked faster than you told me i was linked.

    anyway, thank you for this post about somebody else’s life. i’m sure if i knew them i’d like them.

    geez. with all that sitting around you’re doing this week, i can’t see how you found the time to even put this together!!! but, alas, beggars can’t be choosers.
    we’ll take whatever we can get.

    now, you go back to busying yourself with rest. it’s important!


  2. glad you’re getting rest, even though i know that’s hard. (’tis for me, too!)

    wedding was beautiful… was the ceremony in a vineyard or orchard or something? gorgeous. i love her dress.

    man, there’s so much i wish i’d done differently in my wedding.

    the leaping guitarists made me laugh.

    i kept looking for you and didn’t see you… were you even there??!

  3. oh mandy mac, you’d love them!!! Brie is such a breath of fresh air! But thanks for the go-ahead to rest…you know how much prodding i need for that! 😉

    oh alece, i’m so glad you understand! Rest is one of the hardest things for me to catch…it’s kind of like a pansy playing wiffle ball in the outfield.
    The wedding was in their family’s almond orchard – it was absolutely fabulous!!! And yes, they had a mariachi band for their rehearsal dinner! It was full of awesomeness!
    But yes, I too would change so much about the details of my wedding day…all except for the man, of course!!!!

  4. the beginning frame on this looks like the pastor could do or say something stupid like pass out or royally embarrass himself & the couple!!! Alas/thankfully that was not the case!!

  5. I have no idea what that is, Brandy…maybe some psycho site or a hidden way to tell me I’ve won a million dollars! woo-hoo!

    don’t worry, mandy…neither do i. I don’t even remember typing that!
    i’ll stop now.

    babe, you know that i picked those songs just for you, don’t you?! It’s ‘cuz I kind like you… a lot.

  6. OH Ann, I”m so glad you asked! the songs are from Coldplay’s new album, Viva la Vida…the first song is “Life in Technicolor” and the second song is “Strawberry Swing”; which as a matter of fact is the only song that I love on the album…it makes me smile.

    But mandy, it’s probably only b/c I bribed him w/ his bro-mance, i’m sure! 😉 But judging from his post about you guys, I think we’ll be seeing more of him ’round these parts! 🙂

  7. That was a beautful montage. So much love, so many happy smiling faces.

    I couldn’t help but notices that the minister had to keep looking in his bible. This guy is supposed to be an expert, isn’t he? He has probably married hundreds of couples. Why does he still need a cheat sheet? 🙂

    Also I personally was hoping to see the garter belt ceremony. 🙂

    Cathi, get healthy and STAY healthy.

  8. oh my!! I just read my own comment and noticed that the “that was wierd” was odd. It was about that website. NOT about the video. Oh dear.

    The video was nice! Nicely done!! I love weddings….and in an orchard! Awesome!

    Oh dear.

  9. hey Ed, it most certainly was beautiful! We had such a blast…and the preacher, yeah, that’s my slice, and it was his first wedding. Seriously! We had a riddle that said “Cathi is Mark’s first and only wife, but Brie is the first woman Mark married”! HA!

    Brandy, I knew what you meant b/c I was just as confused as you were. I get those fairly often…no clue what they are, but hey, we can pretend they’re fans, right? [remind me, what’s “PICA”…it might just be the morphine, but I am clueless on that one right now]

    Babe, meet me behind the monkey bars after recess!

  10. mark is that you???

    cathi – youre breaking girl. that was cold play! wow. mark must be a happy man about now.

    i love licking play dough.

    i do, i do, i do.

    and its never too salty.


  11. oh alece, we can laugh together for ever! Even though I don’t know what your laugh sounds like…I already like it! 🙂

    taminator, I had to…I just had to – for all that mark has done for me this past week, a little bit of coldplay was like giving the man a free ride to London! And I’m so glad the title appealed to your appetite – I’ll try to do that more often! 🙂

    Oh brian! Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement! It feels so wonderful to feel better! Every single day I can feel the improvement, and I just love seeing the look on mark’s face when I say that! Thanks sooooo much!

  12. yeah, I figured it was the right thing to do…it was on my list 1) carry an old lady’s groceries to her car 2) rescue a kitten from a tree 3) understand that alece has to do what alece has to do.

  13. indeed!

    but of course when i say “i’ll meet you in ohio” it in no ways has the same undertones that “i’ll meet you in DC has.” none. whatsoever.

  14. so.
    i’m very impressed that the clip changed to a video of the guitar players right as the guitar came in on the song.
    if accidental: what a great accident!
    if intentional: girl. you’re good. 😉

  15. mandy mac…it was serendipitous, really! It happened the first time too! I’m working up to your skills, my friend…it might take some one-on-one training though. we’ll have to work on that! 🙂

    Taminator, you don’t suck and you’re not slow…you’re just limber! 😉

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