when life gives you lemons… {a top ten, of sorts}

Where do I begin? My guess is to start at the beginning, but I like the end much more. Ergo, I will begin with the end.
I feel like me! After only a week of recovery, I feel like me! What does “me” feel like? Can’t really explain that one, but it’s good nonetheless.
What have I learned through this experience? Well…here’s my growing catalog of thoughts:

  1. Even though the bathroom is just across the hall, it can never be close enough.
  2. Even though they’re expensive, shiny and turn everyone’s head, Ambulance rides are so overrated.
  3. Once you’re in the ER, dignity is one of the things that gets tossed in the “personal belongings” bag.
  4. Orange jell-o tastes like Orange Glow cleaner. Thank you, Billy Mays, but your recipe sucks.
  5. Visitors feel like sunshine.
  6. My kittens can seriously sense injury…but they also like to eat flowers, only to up-chuck the pretty petals moments later. nice.
  7. My dad was right – chicken noodle soup really is Jewish Penicillin.
  8. To feel the prayers of people around the world is like putting all wonderfulness together and giving it a big hug.
  9. Laughter – if I could bottle it up, I’d make millions!
  10. My husband truly is captain awesome! [Don your cape, babe – everyone knows it’s you.]

31 thoughts on “when life gives you lemons… {a top ten, of sorts}

  1. I’m the queen of lemonade, Mandy Mac…it’s true! And yep, i don’t think I’m “off” anymore, unless being “off” was actually me being “on”, so then if I’m now off, I’m on, so…um…yes!

  2. Did you ever say exactly what was wrong with you and I missed it? I know it was something rare and unusual but is it a one time thing? It is not something you are going to have to battle the rest of your life is it?

  3. hey tawny, i’ve been vague, I know…it is something that I’ll always have to watch, but it is directly associated w/ stress, so we’re just trying to figure out how to slow down…and no deleting necessary, I like that you asked! 🙂

    Jules! I’m still laughing about that! I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t breathe! You are my constant dose of laughter!!! and you do your job very well!

    Thanks Kristen! I’m so glad to finally be back!!!

  4. Ah, well, now I am a little jealous. I would love an excuse to get to lay around and read more. 🙂 I doubt you feel that way about it though! Take care of yourself, I am off camping again. I remember, your favorite!

  5. alece…I promise not to add a moth. promise!


    tawny, I know it sounds luxurious, but I’m a miss antsy pants! Enjoy your camping, and don’t get carried away by a bear or bugs on steroids…cause I’d miss you!

  6. Very happy to see you are back to full speed again.

    “Even though they’re expensive, shiny and turn everyone’s head, Ambulance rides are so overrated.”

    I love to ride in an ambulance, with the siren blasting, as long as I am in the first seat, not the back. My stepmother, when in her 90’s, needed an ambulance several times. If you are riding with a sick loved one it can be the longest ride in the world.

    “Orange jell-o tastes like Orange Glow cleaner. Thank you, Billy Mays, but your recipe sucks.”

    I think hospital food taste the way it does to encourage to us to leave as quickly as possible. If we are really sick everything taste like puke anyway. 🙂 I wonder if they sell puke flavored jell-o at the super market?

  7. ha! alece, mark has the greatest strategy for that one! Just shove kleenex in your ears, and you’ll be just fine. You’ll look like a puff’s plus elephant, but you won’t be bothered by the winged demons!

    Roxanne! You’re more than welcome to join in the lemonade stand! I don’t even charge ten cents a cup…i charge 25! 🙂 Seriously, I claim to make awesome lemonade, not b/c it’s homemade…cause it’s not…it’s crystal light…but b/c it’s made with love [cue 80’s soundtrack bit].

    OH ed, you always make me smile! Mark was in the front…he was quite impressed w/ the hydraulics…while I was quite disappointed at the size of the puke pan. How do they think that can actually work? And ed, I agree…your idea of their strategy worked for me! I was high tailing it out of that place not looking back! And the puke flavored jell-o….you might want to put that in front of a demo-audience before actually attempting that one!

    Hey melissa!!! Thanks so much…If i weren’t me…I don’t know who i’d be, so I’m glad I’m me…it’s much better than not! 🙂

  8. Hey you. I have been thinking about you. So whether/weather/whatever you are sick or not…I think that visitors totally feel like sunshine. Good list CathiMay! I heart you to the moon and back.

  9. Dignity and hospital visits never go together!!

    Chicken soup is miraculous.

    Kittens and puppies…gifts from God!!

    Love you, Cathi! I’m so glad to hear you’re better.

    Prayer works.

  10. roxanne…i’m totally ok w/ that, and I’m adding you to mine just as soon as I hit :submit comment: and thanks for the post…you’re amazing!

    kristi!!!! I’m so glad you’re back! I missed you like there was no tomorrow! I heart you beyond the non-planet of pluto!

    Brandy…It’s only when your sick or when you’re jogging that 4 feet can feel like 3 miles! And you’re too precious too – we could put Precious Moments dolls to shame!!!!

    I love you too, Michelle!! And I’m so thankful for the amazing power of prayer!

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