two pastors, two brides and a caterer walk into a hall

It started at 7:30 in the morning and ended after 9 o’clock at night…this one couple [me & my slice, that is] had our share of laughs, tears, video montages, bows, flowers, bubbles, guest books, cake, favors and get away cars…yesterday! Two weddings in one day… we’re officially wedding’d out!

…a quick change of shoes and accessories, and we’re good to go to the second affair!





20 thoughts on “two pastors, two brides and a caterer walk into a hall

  1. NICE!!!

    But I can’t see the shoes. 😆

    ahhh I love weddings! At least you weren’t IN them b/c that would NOT have been fun. I can’t say I’m a fan of being a bridesmaid. 😳

    How many weddings are left this season?? he he he

  2. oh, brandy, the shoes:
    morning/outside wedding: sketcher sandals
    evening/formal wedding: hot pink strappy sandals
    I think we’re at the tail end of the weddings. We even missed one somewhere in there!
    But yes, I’m not a fan of being in weddings…there are only a few things you can do w/ old bridesmaid dresses [pillows, wrapping paper, whatnot…] – they break the bank for sure!

    And thanks! I didn’t feel so hot, but I’m certainly glad I had my hot man by my side!!!!

  3. oh mandy, we aim to please 😉
    and i TOTALLY understand! I miss you too, sweet pea!

    melissa, isn’t it crazy how there gets to be some bug in the air and you find yourself going to target and walking straight to the registry machine w/o even realizing it?!?! You lucky dog!

  4. seriously gorgeous.

    and i know this has been the season of non-stop weddings for you and that you’re sick of them, but i need to get this off my chest.

    i haven’t attended a single wedding as an adult. (GASP!)

    i’ve lived in africa since i turned 19, so the only weddings i ever attended (or was in) occurred when i was a minor. when i didn’t really care or know the people anyway.

    i’ve missed the wedding of every single one of my friends. and that makes me sad.

    i’d love to go to a wedding.

    although 2 in 1 day? that’d stress me out.

    end rant.

  5. alece! When we finally meet, we’ll have mark tag along and perform weddings for people on the street for you, K? I’ll let you borrow one of my bridesmaid dresses and we’ll walk around the city w/ bows on our buts and flowers in our hands…we’ll make a day out of it, k? all better now?????

    Thanks kristen! I don’t know if I could really do that more than one time in my life…two in one day is EXHAUSTING!

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