@tam “free is fab”

so, here’s the stegall’s response to Tam’s Free is Fab post….


22 thoughts on “@tam “free is fab”

  1. i’m not buying into yet another Tam ‘competition’ – no way nu-uh, not this little black Duck!

    I just had to let you know….

    that under SOME ‘conditions’… in poor light…
    your new avatar… seemed to look to me….

    like a rottweiller was wearing Sunglasses on the back of his/her neck! 😯 !!!

    Maybe i need glasses?? 😎

    Would it help if i said it was a very cute looking rottweiller?? 😉


  2. you, stegall, YOU are fab!!! how can it be that you get all the funny, charm and not right’ness, yet be so adorable in the process?! dang!

    you put a HUGE smile on my face!!!!

    hugeness i tell ya!!!

    and Love? sometimes. no words are the best words. may i suggest you run for your life? like. NOW!

  3. love, can i just say that you’re lucky that i love rots.

    taminator, as soon as i saw the “free stamp”, we had to stop the car in a no parking zone and take “pictures”…and i knew right away it was for you!!!!

    Hey mandy mac! Thanks! It was my little love note for tam since i made one for you and all…gotta be fair, right?!?!

  4. OK now THAT is a cute looking Avi! Any chance you could make it any lighter?? last two seem quite dark and not easy to see in the small sizes so many bloggers seem to ‘love’?

    and i AM glad you love the rotti too 🙂

    hope your back in the peak of health Cath?

    hard to keep crazy women down for long it seems 🙂


  5. BA – i need no encouraging. i am taminator.

    Love – are you complaining uuuhhhhh-gain????

    stegall – youre hott! there. i said it. once more.

  6. oh, Love, it’s an endless job trying to please your taste!!! I’ll see what i can do! 😉 But yes, I’m back to lil’ ol’ me, once again! I couldn’t be happier…it’s almost as if nothing ever happened…except I now have a better perspective on life/death…that’s a good thing, i suppose.

    Brian…I can’t help it…I love that lady!!! She has my heart, you know!

    Now taminator, I so wish I could hug your neck right now!!!!

  7. what did i erase, mandy mac? what????? I don’t allow profanity on this here blog…most of the time…well, maybe only on Tuesdays. So, maybe that was it!

    hey hislife!!!! Thanks so much! We had fun…even though I burned my rear on the free stamp!

  8. you erased my video…. the one you made for me… sniff sniff. because i dont’ know why you did… sniff… but you did… and… and… and… tam’s has been up here for two whole days… and mine was only up for a half a day… and… i didn’t get to watch it enough.




    HI DAD!!!!

  9. oh mandy mac, i know, i know…i have a story behind that one, i promise! You’ll totally understand…i hope.

    and taminator, no need to be afraid, I don’t squeeze too hard! 🙂

  10. oh melissa! I’m glad i could deliver just what you needed!
    [and the smiley face is just a colon “:” and a right parenthesis mark “)” together it looks like this w/o the space : ) and then… boom! 🙂 ]

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