fifty years from now…in 2058

For those of you who are allergic to mushy-gushy posts, be forewarned, take your meds, and then read away…

I want to be like this 50 years from now…

I want to still heart kissing pictures

I want to still have our special way of holding hands

I want to make people squirm out of a mix of sweetness and discomfort

I don’t want to loose what we have…I just want what we have to gain wrinkles.


13 thoughts on “fifty years from now…in 2058

  1. you are my best friend and i would never change one bit of our life together…not one…not even us not being able to sell our house for 2 years!!!

    i love you!

  2. alece…will that “indeed” travel anywhere and will it bring a hug for me???

    thanks brian…i’m glad you took your medication before reading…that could have been traumatic!

    my beloved slice!!! I love you too! and i love being mushy-gushy with you! You are so my favorite!!!!!

    Mandy…i would be speechless too. It’s wonderful. i know.

    Thanks Kristen! I’m so in love with being in love. However, i still want to know what it will feel like years from now if I love him more today than yesterday…that’s gonna be a whole heck of a lot of lovin!

    I’m so glad you agree, michelle! Isn’t it so stinkin awesome to love someone w/ all you have?!? Don’t get me wrong…there are days when I’m so mad I could spit, but I still am sooooo flippin blessed!!!

    Oh brandy, you know what I mean, I know you do! The old man hands that wrap around the old woman hands…that’s just so precious! Makes me weapy!

    OH, and alece…I’m barely breathing right now…you know that?!?!? Barely. Breathing!!!!

  3. they make me want to get saggy quicker.

    im not sayin theyre saggy. i just know my skin has an elasticity problem…so i know whats coming. and if my kissy-kissy life looks like that in 50 years (when im almost 90) bring. it. on.

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