Well, I resolved to show some more buzz-word-of-2007, “authenticity”, around here [which wasn’t my idea in the first place…she started it]…I was prompted by her post to expose a bit of my “flip the fruit and see the bruises” side.

…oh well, here she goes…
I’m a rebel. In high school, this fleshed out more vividly than now, but this community got a dose of this flintstone vitamin a while back when I stopped doing a daily post. You see, I like to do things when they’re not required, once they become required, I rebel. I felt as though my blog required a daily post…ergo, I rebelled.
So there. That’s a little bit of me you didn’t see. Surprise!


24 thoughts on “ exposed

  1. i love surprises too!!! I told mandy mac that if mark said he had a surprise hidden under my pillow and that i couldn’t touch it until the morning…I’d totally wait!!!! I just love the whole thing!!! The intrigue, the fascination, the planning and the unveiling! It’s just fantastic!

    And btw… loves!!!!

  2. hahahahahhaha hahahahahahaa i am the same way…if it remotely feels like work and a must…I am sitting out! love ya girl…how are you feeling? you sound back to normal…

  3. alece! It was fantastic having our wake up hours together face-to-face…finally!!!! I’m looking forward to next time!

    Darla!!!!! Helloooooooo!!!! I am feeling 110% better! This weekend was just the medicine I needed! Thanks a trillion! And yes…the work thing…for some reason, a life in rebellion means a life in freedom, yes?

    Mandy mac…you love it…admit it! 🙂

    Oh, Heather, if only you knew how much I “know it”…it’s a strange realization when you wake up to see that every event in the previous decade was a result of some sort of rebellion! yikes!!!

    taminator…i’m glad you understand…and i LOVE the suggestion…mandy, you interested? How about sending some of those 60 drafts my way!!!! 🙂

    Brian…we need to start a club! You have one for the guys in your world…what about us rebels? Oh wait, i’d probably rebel from that too!!!! 😉

    Heidi, “is it christian womanly”? Of course!!! Think of the great examples down in history? We have…uh…well…I’ll get back to you on that one! k?

    Brandy!!!! Our lives can do this random wandering or our lives can go on our rebellious ways…at least we know where we’re going…kind of!

    Kristi…they’re coming. I promise. They’re coming!!!!!

    Mandy Mac…is there an echo in here?

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