fried chicken

we’re back in the school grind, which means I’m wearing the hat of student, intern, researcher, and prof…therefore, I will most likely be on hiatus for an interval or two. I know, I know…what will you do without me?

top ten favorite youtube videos

Ok, so this top ten list has been ambushed by this video…it’s taken every slot in my top ten favorite youtube videos…one through ten…maybe even through eleven…or one hundred!!! I can watch it over and over and over again and laugh just as hard as the first time!

I just love it!

What does home feel like?

Is home a location or a feeling?

Have you ever been on vacation and said, “Let’s go home” and actually meant the hotel room?

We’ve been married for 5 ½ years and have moved 5 times. Mark is my home.

We’re finally “settled” from our latest move. We have friends in the same situation as we are [owning a house in a different state than you live], and they’ve offered us the opportunity to house sit for them until the house sells. Nice arrangement, I’d have to say.

Well honestly, at first, it felt more than awkward…they’re living in another state while we’re living in their home, with their belongings, their smells, their sounds, and it took Mark and I a while to get our routines together. However, we’ve made it. We now know which doors stick, the chimes on the grandfather clock aren’t haunted, which direction to vacuum the carpet in order to get the nice patterns, how long the dishwasher takes for a load to finish, how long it takes Mark to mow the lawn, and so forth, and so on.

So, suffice to say, even though our locality is transient, it’s so good to be here w/ my slice!

Mark is my home…but for location’s sake…Home sweet home…


Mondays with Marjie {creative travels}

this makes me want to create short films. makes me want to

So, it’s been a few weeks since my last mondays w/ marjie. Sorry. But this link that she sent me to the 2min15 blog is fantabulous…I’m curious what cleveland would look like in 2 min and 15 seconds!

Here’s the gist…they invite all to collaborate w/ them from any city or location following four general ideas:

urban life is the main subject of the blog, the idea is to show the life of the city where you live, or where you travel; but always with a curiosity for seeing farther than the usual stuff. Either showing a normal day in the city, or the weirdest.
this blog was created with non commercial purposes, everybody has to be the owner of the material submitted.
videos should have a length of 1min to 2min15, we think is a proper time to show something without it being boring, less is more.

digital cameras and basic editing software is the base of the project, feel free to edit videos as you wish, these can be with music, real audio, mute, black and white and in any language. The idea is that everyone can watch it, without it being too personal.

see paris:

see bruxelles:

see valencia:

it’s so nice to travel thousands of places w/o even leaving your computer…this used to be done in the narrative with books…thanks Billy Gates! What would we do without you?!?!?

…hence, august is my birthmonth

I’ve never had a birthday. Sad, I know. But before you wipe away your alligator tears with your grandma’s old hankie, let me say that it’s because we’ve always celebrated my special day for the entire month of August…hence, August is my birthmonth.

Seems like I’m swimming in the sea of birthday pretentiousness, right? Well, according to Freud, it’s not my fault…ever since I was a kid, we’d celebrate my special day on my birthday, then go to my aunt’s house the following weekend, then we’d go on our family vacation and celebrate with the rest of the family…hence, August is my birthmonth.

I’m 28 now, and still, we’ve had a celebration every weekend of August thus far!

  • First weekend – My slice surprised me w/ a trip to meet Alece and Mandy
  • Second weekend – Ice cream cake & a sleep over w/ the kiddos
  • This weekend – Family bonfire…and more cake

…Hence, August is my birthmonth.

Tonight’s yet another celebration…I know, you feel for me.

p.s…every time mark has brought me coffee this month, it’s been in this mug!

following the yellow brick road took me to Target!

I was talking last night to a friend who has my heart and said that I’m close to being done w/ my blogging rebellion of sorts. Ergo, now that I’m ok w/ blogging more often…well, my well is dry.

What do you do when you have nothing of which to blog???

I know most of you know that i hate post-post questions…so, I’m justifying this by the fact that it’s not at the end of the post…it was in the middle.

your mom reads your blog!

I’ve tried to read your blog but it feels like I’m reading someone else’s mail.
I don’t understand most of what you’ve written. what is flautin? who did you adopt? what new car had an accident?
I’m lost
I got this email from my mom [aka, “joj”] yesterday…I sent her a reply with a brief explanation and a few of our videos further expounding on this little community. Her response???
NOW I understand!
Just how tired were you?
Glad we could help, momma joj!