Reality Bites [not like “ouch” bites, but like yummy ice cream bites!]

I learned about reality this weekend…The reality that comes when genuine relationships transcend the bulwark of the blogosphere and jump straight into the ocean of familiarity and kinship. How did I not know that this would be so life changing? I was unprepared to say the least.

What was I feeling/thinking/doing just prior to the “unveiling”?
Feeling: Nervous, anxious, excited, afraid, jumpy, breathless, energized, shaken, bouncy
Thinking: “Will this be the first and only meeting or with this be the first of many?”
Doing: Busying my brain w/ studying for the GRE…learned some words that are keepers, most definitely! [eg: pusillanimous, recrudescent, somniferous… got from the P’s through the S’s in the hour and a half flight…w/o those, I’d have been stuck in 2×2 lavatory from departure ‘till arrival!]

I learned about reality this weekend.


41 thoughts on “Reality Bites [not like “ouch” bites, but like yummy ice cream bites!]

  1. “Busying my brain w/ studying for the GRE”

    What are you planning on studying at the graduate level? I much preferred the LSAT to the GRE. The GRE has the worthless math section. I also guess I am a geek for knowing all three of those words.

  2. i so enjoyed reading this! i think all three of us were experiencing the same thing. MY GOSH what a weekend!!!

    so… by ice cream bites, do you mean Rocky Road with Basic 4 cereal on top???
    just curious!

  3. So i’m guessing your somniferous blog reality has undergone a recrudescent period resulting in a much less pusillanimous expectation of meeting the rest of us bloggers over this last weekend huh, Cathi? 🙂

    Beat THAT Alece! – now, where’s my prize??



  4. Hi:)

    I just have to say hey to Mandy’s friend:)
    and I have to add your Miss Fashionista….totally:)
    Love the big earrings, and just the whole outfit…
    and I can see why Mandy (and i wouldn’t also doubt Tam)
    loves you!
    Also I like your Home page title pic…its brave sister!

    Be Blessed:)


  5. Hey TT, the GRE is for admission to a ph.d. program next fall. I didn’t need it for grad school…thank HEAVENS!!! Social Welfare is my thing! 🙂

    Greetings Sarah! I’m soooo glad you stopped by…mandy’s wonderful and brings wonderful readers…i’m considering sending her royalties for all the people she sends my way…still considering.

    Mandy Mac!!!! I loved that each day we’d talk about the initial reactions…so, i thought I’d record a few of mine for the world. Just in case that was something to share. And YES!!!! Basic Four and Rocky Road is the ONLY way to go!!!!

    alece…you totally win the prize!!! I’m figuring a few dunkin donuts lattes will do!!! 🙂 and it’s terribly quite here too…flaughter needs to be a part of our lives much more often!!!!

    LOVE!!!! THAT WAS FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!! I’m totally going to try to use all three in a sentence today! Fantastic!!!!!

    Greetings Ang! Wow…”miss fashionista”??? I think I need to keep you!!!! And yes…I love kissing pictures!

    Oh papa, you came up in one of our conversations and one of the most loved people in our community! We just think you’re wonderful!

    Michelle!!! That was a great question, in which I can respond w/ a resounding YES!!! I would have paid twice as much to experience that! Those girls are WONDERFUL!!!

  6. i dont any of those words. and i dont like Love anymore for showing off his word skills. psh!

    and why wasnt i there this weekends again?




    but…i AM happy for you all. you know that. just a little pouty. i’ll get over it (me) 😉

    love you hott stuff!

  7. tam…you WERE there w/ us…in-all-of-our-hearts! 🙂 Plus, our skype date was fantabulous…AND…well, you’re wonderful and I love you right back!!!!
    now…tell me about this ink you want!!!!
    Alece is workin on the “hook up” for the father-in-law-issue…all will work out fine, i’m sure!

  8. i’d like “redeemed” in greek for a tat. yes? no? i dont even know what that would look like or where id put it. any suggestions? i have thought somewhere on my lower tum-tum 😉 maybe i should just get the “word” “psh!” to match my avatar (as bwan muffin so nicely pointed out)

  9. ha ha ha ha! glald you liked the avatar picture. it makes me laugh!

    tam — i wonder what it looks like. i like the significance of that… speaking of “psh”, you should ask cathi about “pH”…

  10. taminator, i think redeemed would look something like sunshine painted in water colors! Where??? I’m thinking the knee caps b/c knee caps are synonomous for prayer and prayer is linked w/ redemption…so, yeah, that would be perfect!!! But seriously, if we end up going [if all goes well w/ the in-laws, that is], i’m thinking i’d like another maybe on my foot. However, “psh!” would be good too, but i don’t think you’d like the place I’d suggest to put it! 🙂

    lece, I want to keep that pic forever! the foot pic you took is now my wallpaper. I love it!!! You’re the community photographer, you are, you are!!!

    p.s…i love mark’s pH!

  11. Loverly Dear…i warned you. didnt i warn you??? bend over? PSH!!!

    LOVE the new header stegall! um. aleces tonsils look a bit swollen 😕

  12. we need to do some grand scheduling to get four people into a tattoo art salon at the same time! I’m still thinking what my next one will be…mark has some ideas for his next one…but i’m particular on what he gets…nothing w/ eyeballs…I don’t want anything looking at me…that skeeves me out!

    And yes tam, cheech and chong wanted an appearance…so i obliged.

  13. Reading these comments…made me feel like all of you were in my apartment at the moment…I could hear ya!!!:)

    But I’m probably hearing things again…darn it! LOL!!!

    I love this crazy little blogworld…so much better than the real world!

  14. Ang again…here’s my flaughter pic:)

    And as far as the tat. thing goes…I have one..its on my lower back..its a tribal butterfly…and I want eventually to either have angel wings with Acts 20:24 inside..or Acts 20:24 above the tribal butterfly..I don’t know.

    Man, I remember my Pastor’s wife asked me if it hurt when I got it done…and like everyone in the room did a double take…
    Her brother is a tatoo artist…but talk about “perfect” people..ugh how annoying they can be. I love her for asking 🙂

  15. ang! I so agree about the wonders of this blog world! It’s beautiful and bubbly! And I’m impressed about the ink…i’ve shocked a few in my life w/ mine…keeps me young! 😉

    littlesteps…you HAVE to send it to me! I need to see your take on this fabulous creation!!!

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