How to…faux-Haaa | flaughter | fake laughing pics

Many of you know my affinity for fake laughing pictures. In our endeavors this past weekend, Mandy insisted on producing an instructional video of sorts to share with you, our little community, and teach you how to execute an authentic fake laughing/faux-Haaa/flaughter picture. So, take notes, take pictures, and let’s make this world a better place!


21 thoughts on “How to…faux-Haaa | flaughter | fake laughing pics

  1. mandy mac…denial is the first step. And THANK YOU SOOOOO, SOOOOO MUCH!!! I just LOVE BIRTHDAYS! And seriously…this is one of the best birthdays EVER!!!

    Hey sarah!!! Faux-Haa’s do take some practice, but those girls have it goin’ on!!!! I love that each person puts their own twist on the experience! Try it! You’d love it!!!

  2. Way to go on the faux ha. I personally like that better than the other one (sorry, Alece) haha because it reminds me simply of faux hawk. And I have the ability to have a faux hawk whenever I please.

    Oh yeah- and I’m guessing you’re having a wonderful birthday. Smile lots (the real ones), okay?

  3. Seriously, yours is the best. But you have been practicing…since you made it up and all. Also, I wished you a happy birthday a couple of days ago…right? That counted didn’t it? right.

  4. no you didn’t. as soon as your page loaded, i started laughing. your new banner picture cracks me up.

    happy birthday, decath. i’m so glad i could spend some of your birthday month with you!

  5. Happy Birthday Cathi.

    You three had such a great time together I doubt you needed any fake laughs.

    I would vote for flaughter, faux-Haaa sounds a little to high
    “high-falutin” as Mandy would say.

    I am not saying you had a hard time focusing but was there perhaps any acoholic consumption involved just prior to the video? 🙂

    I think it would be very hard to spend a day with the three you that wasn’t filled with laughter.

  6. thanks for the birthday wish, becca! You, a faux hawk??? I gotta see this! I’m on my way over now!

    kristi…i do have the advantage of having an additional 28 years of practice over these guys!!! And your birthday wish counts for 365 days! and an additional day on leap years!

    Brandy…thanks for the props and birthday wishes…but seriously, i had no idea what i was saying…it was wayyyyy too late to be verbal!

    Mandy and Lece…you two have my heart and a half! I’m ready for another!!!!

    Ed…I can only smile at your comment…that’s all I can do! and then, totally agree that flaughter is the way to go!

    Taminator, i’m so glad you agree w/ me…ALECE WINS!!!! and yes, the hillbilly music was in honor of our friend mandy mac!

    Thanks for the tips, TT…i’m ready for the is thing to be finished already! ugh!!!!

    PAPA, michell and heidi…thanks for the birthday wishes!!! I had the most incredible day!!! I’m now ramping up for next year!!!!

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