the world’s a flaughin!!!

So, here’s the deal…flaughing needs to take over the world…so, get your camera, take a picture and email it to me at cc.stegall[at]gmail[dot]com by Monday August 11th…and I’ll put them together for ya’ll…make me proud, people, make me proud!

For those of you who need further step-by-step instructions…see the instructional video HERE


11 thoughts on “the world’s a flaughin!!!

  1. So I am not going to participate in this little whatever you are trying to get everyone involved in because I am not convinced that you are not all genuinely laughing. I know in the video it says that you will probably end up real laughing but I think that just thinking about fake laughing makes me real laugh and well, I am no good at faking much of anything so I might send you a picture of me real laughing and you will have to just be happy with that.

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