On our way to dinner tonight at the Mad Cactus [date nights are for rockstars!!! Try them, they make marriage feel like fluffity-puffity marshmallows!], we witnessed a small “fender bender” at a stop light. One car slightly pushing another. You’ve seen it/experienced it before, I’m sure. Well, this initiated a story I felt compelled to share…

Not so long after we adopted Miles, I was driving him to school, and he “took one for the team”. I got out of the car, and the dude behind me proceeded to say, “I was sneezing and totally didn’t see you”. Well, dear sir, I understand sneezing. That’s a natural reaction to dust, dander and whatnot, but we’re on the road, you see…and I’m in a car…not hard to miss. I think. Well, we surveyed the damage, and there wasn’t any. All was good. And the story was sealed in the vault. Until today.

After I shared this experience, Mark felt obliged to return the favor and said that a day…a DAY PEOPLE…after we had bought our very first car together [our first…and last SUV, formerly known as “Exploiter”…may she rest in peace…fyi, do you know how to tell if a car is male or female? If it has two vanity mirrors, congrats, it’s a girl…if it has one or less, congrats, greet your new son! Thanks to meri sikora for this genius assessment, thus removing gender neutrality of all vehicles! Back to the story…], he too had one of these “encounters”.

Shared experiences make me smile. kumbaya…bring on the marshmallows!!!!


25 thoughts on “marriage…uncovered

  1. Maybe it’s the thoughts of those marshmallows (Toasted of course!?? Yum Yum!!) but you think you might complete the sentence you started in the last para?? some of us hate hanging out on a ‘ledge’ for days on end! 🙂

    Yeah – picky i know! – it’s a curse i live with constantly – sighhh.

    ‘Miles’ – Cute – real cute. Doesn’t quite work over here though… Kilometer Stegall just ain’t got the same pizzazz 😦


  2. i once didnt stop quite fast enough and ran my hood underneath a boats propeller that the car in front of me was towing. they never even knew i did it. so i just went on like nothing happened. yah. my hood had a big long dent and scratch on it. “i dont know how that got there honey…”

  3. ha! Love, the sentence is finished, just look beyond the brackets…pretend they’re not even there, and you’ll see it…
    “…after we had bought our very first car together, he too had one of these “encounters”.” There you have it…a complete sentence!!! 🙂 But yes, toasted marshmallows can make me do some crazy stuff! And I’m so glad you like his name…original, I know…but Kilo sounds good too – rough and tough, I think!

    Kristi, I just climbed to a whole new level of respect for you…I’m scared.

    Mandy Mac…that’s only a peep-whole…You know that!!! 😉

    I’m so sorry to hear you were the “bumper”, TT…were you sneezing too???

    Oh Taminator, all’s fair in love and war! It was an angry bird or an air plane, or a boat propeller??? huh??? You’re fanTAMstic!…your stories never cease to amaze me

  4. okay there a no boy or girl cars!! whatever. (I know this)

    I have never used my vanity mirror that’s what the rearview mirror is for, just when the light turns green..

    Ya buddy I’m movin!!

  5. well, i just got clarification from meri, sweet heidi, that if your car has no vanity mirrors, it’s a hermaphrodite and thus should have a gender neutral name like Jamie or Pat. That’s just what I’ve been told.

    And Heidi, I understand Californian. I visited there three times and consider my self fluent. Regardless, your non-regional diction in your comments never ceases to amaze me.

  6. i would never be able to keep myself from telling niel something like that for so long.

    and i want to hear kristie applehead’s story about knocking someone out of their wheelchair!!!

    i love that you quoted homestar. i was just telling niel that we should spend some time on that website again; it’s been y-e-a-r-s. my all-time favorite is:

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