the world’s a flaughin’ | part huh?

who’s joined us in the venture of flaughin???


and my personal favorite of corrie’s…

heidi [and friends]:

angie [and her man]:


lil’steps ang:

the world???

[more to come…]


28 thoughts on “the world’s a flaughin’ | part huh?

  1. These are so fun. ‘Man’ is named DaRonn, and he is my husband. 🙂 He was being soooo silly that day; but I couldn’t get him to flaugh… 😀

  2. HA!!! You girls are great! Seriously, we could cure the world of all problems…flaughter should be on the docket for solving world hunger or locating weapons of mass destruction…something! To not use them would be to waste a wonder!

  3. ok … an art show???

    ummm. ugh.. ummm.. does that mean we might be poster children.. oh good grief!!


    flaughin in the office today… Allstate customers will never be the same 🙂

  4. I loved all the pictures, especially the last one. Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite comic strip.

    As I said on Mandy’s blog, the chick with the blow torch is a little scary looking, even if Heidi is flaughing. I mean just what did she use that blow torch on that made her flaugh?

  5. @ED

    Scary looking? Trust me — where I have my blow torch the dudes run. Actually, it doesn’t fit my personality, I’m very calm and serene with a lil rebel

    … I am a mechanic/autobody tech per trade.. and have even rebuilt 3 cars. I used the blow torch on a car. I’m currently in the insurance industry now, I retired from cars about 3 yrs ago.

    Yes, I am a chic (your word) that does cars.. but I don’t iron or cook!!!

    Need a light?

  6. Heidi, I would guess that once your family sees that blow torch you won’t have any problem getting them to do all the ironing and cooking.

    A light that will turn on my soul is always welcomed. One that singes my feet, or other body parts, not so much. 🙂

  7. Cathi…a decision has been made…you are hereby named:

    I loved the flaughting:) I cracked myself up..y’all should have seen it.

    Does it count that I actually did laugh?

    But blame we can blame it on Tam…because she didn’t participate..and the fake laughter had to go somewhere!

    [ nothing but love for ya Tam!]

  8. mandy mac…i feel knightly for rescuing you from the spam monster…and that site has been officially added to my favorites! Be expecting some great creations from the likes of cathi + photofunia!!!!

    Taminator…we’ll convert you. You’ll see. We have powers. We do.

    Ed and Heidi…I’m so glad you guys clarified everything…I am TOTALLY impressed by Heidi’s blow torching skills…I even have problems successfully lighting a match…this girl’s got skills!!!
    But ed, I’m glad you approve of the calvin & hobbes addition…that was a last minute choice, but I believe if he’s a flaughin, he should get recognition, yes.

    lil’steps ang…I LOVE nicknames! And I’ll totally stick w/ Cat! [i’ve had MUCH worse!!!!] But I’m psyched that you enjoyed yourself so much w/ your flaughin picture. I can tell!!! Even if you did break and get a real laughing picture, it’s all the same to me!!!! I’m so glad you chose to join in the fun!!!

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  10. oh kristi…you’ve got somthin’ coming, my friend!!! But do remember, as noted w/in the thorough instructional video that is of such great quality, it could be on the DIY channel…flaughter does tend to precede a real, authentic laugh…there’s something about it that prompts a laugh attack!

    mandy mac!!!! I look forward to every single second!!!

  11. Oh so glad you like them, brent…I’m thinking the calvin & hobbes pic is a representation of you and your catty woman! Yep! We’ll keep it that way until we get an official flaughter pic of the two of you!

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