your mom reads your blog!

I’ve tried to read your blog but it feels like I’m reading someone else’s mail.
I don’t understand most of what you’ve written. what is flautin? who did you adopt? what new car had an accident?
I’m lost
I got this email from my mom [aka, “joj”] yesterday…I sent her a reply with a brief explanation and a few of our videos further expounding on this little community. Her response???
NOW I understand!
Just how tired were you?
Glad we could help, momma joj!

29 thoughts on “your mom reads your blog!

  1. That’s how my mom is too:-) We just love them anyway!

    Mom says she tries to read my blog and pretend its not me…
    who knows why!

  2. Yea, I was talking to my mom the other day, and she was like,
    ” Am I your hero or something Ang?”
    and I admitted….” yes.”

    BTW…We are the same age:) YAY! Not my mom and! LOL!!!


  3. lil’ang [found the one i like!!!!], we are the same age!!! I so love the idea that I’ll always remember my age by the year that it is…it helps a lot, seeing that I never really “Act” my age! And I understand the hero thing…you know, i once sang her “wind beneath my wings” for a mother’s day present. corny, i know, but hey…keepin’ it real, that’s all!

    mandy mac, she does, she does get “us”!!! She’s my best friend, she knows my heart! And hey, my dad and I were talking, and he “knows” tam too…he calls her “taminator”!!! How great is that?!?!

    Hi daddy!!!

    Texas!!! I love that your mom does that! I bet she has a blast being able to take off the “mom hat” and put on the “blog commenter hat”!! That’s so awesome that she’s comfortable doing that too!!!

    epiphany…funny how this can spur different reactions from different people! We open our hearts in this here blogosphere…sometimes it can warrant the sign “no moms allowed”! 🙂

  4. My mom reads my blog and never comments online…but she verbally comments to the whole world apparently. She can’t figure out who I am. She wishes I’d express more to her, but she’s just gonna have to settle for my blog, for now. But knowing that she reads it keeps me from blogging about her, which I’m certain is a good thing.

  5. Cathi – you’re welcome for the regurgitated blot (is that how you spell “regurgitated”??) and yes, there should be a “no moms allowed” sign on my blog – but I stay away from writing anything too incriminating anyway. Cyberspace is not exactly the same as a locked diary.

  6. I can deal with lil’ ang:) I think Tam and Mandy would go for it too:)

    Anyone want to help me figure out wordpress a lil?
    I would like it to link to my blogger…but it only allowed one primary website…help me professh peeps!

  7. Melissa! Isn’t it crazy how much we can share on this medium that is open to the entire world compared to the things we’d share in the company of people who know/see us in our every day world?!!? insane, I say…but I’m ok w/ that!

    oh, epiphany! I so loved the “regurgitated blot”…I totally thought that was intentional! I guess I read into that one wayyy too much! I’m plagued w/ an analytical brain…helps w/ my career choice, but scrambles things when all we have are typed words to decipher! But you’re soooo right…this whole blogosphere is definitely not “secure”, but rather only a cheap key away from the juiciest of juice!

    And lil’ang…I sure hope they like it as much as I do!!! Do as you feel best, and I’ll totally comply! I’m a novice at this whole wordpress world…i don’t know anyone who’s linking from one to another…i’ll keep my eye out. You may want to consider the help button on the main wordpress dashboard. i guess.

  8. My mom reads my blog and has never made much comment about it but when I was home last week she decided to be the grammar police on my blog (she is an English teacher so I guess that qualifies her to do that) I also had some random lady from my mtother’s Sunday School class that I did not know tell me she reads my blog….I guess that is a compliment.

  9. i vote stegalls mom “blog MOM”!!!

    blog MOM – thank you for having lil cathi. she has made our lives complete. yes. she completes us. she had us at…um. well. i dont remember that – but she’s got us wrapped with her beauty and charm!

    well done blog MOM!

    we love you too! yes we do!!!

  10. oh boy, my mom reads my blog once in a while and my mother in law reads it everyday. Sometimes though I wish I had a private blog…that you all still read. haha! 😉 Sometimes you just want to blog about some things that are going on in real life, like when my mom annoys me or my mother in law bugs me. B/c yeah, it happens. 😆

    Did I mention that my in laws have been here for 10 days? 10 DAYS?! 😯

  11. oh ramsey! That sucks! the last thing you’d want is someone critiquing the grammar on your blog! This is a place to let creativity fly and vocalize your thoughts…who said spell check/grammar check was a part of that! The rebellion in me says to create a post w/ every grammatical error in the book just to make her laugh! And always, ALWAYS high fives to the sunday school teacher! w/o them, we’d all be going to hell!

    Oh taminator, I’m going to have to make sure she reads that one!!! Maybe I’ll e/m it to her…i don’t know if she understands “comments” yet. I did get her to start her own blog, but she’s kept it private and only lets family read it…kind of cute, I say. And YES, she is BLOG MOM of the universe!!!! I just love you so much!!!!

    Awwwww, kristi…I know you’re just sayin that b/c you can’t for reals flaugh…that’s ok, you don’t have to take it out on my mom, you know…that’s low. really low! 😉

    Rox…your mom’s cool!

    Kalia!!!! Good to see your face!!! I miss you like-a-crazy!!!!!

    Brandy…I don’t know what to say…besides…I”m praying for you, girlfriend.

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