following the yellow brick road took me to Target!

I was talking last night to a friend who has my heart and said that I’m close to being done w/ my blogging rebellion of sorts. Ergo, now that I’m ok w/ blogging more often…well, my well is dry.

What do you do when you have nothing of which to blog???

I know most of you know that i hate post-post questions…so, I’m justifying this by the fact that it’s not at the end of the post…it was in the middle.


22 thoughts on “following the yellow brick road took me to Target!

  1. i scan through the 60 potential posts for one that catches my attention.


    i type “creative blog ideas” in google and see what happens


    you can write about Julia Child as an international spy

  2. mandy mac…i’ll take what’s behind door #3, thank you!
    And YES…i put that in there 1) b/c it’s my favorite word and 2) b/c i love you!

    Oh Lori…I’m guessing w/ that strategy, I’d need to work on that kid thing first. hmmmmm.

  3. [ because I am too lazy to sign in to wordpress.]

    I get blogger’s block too….at the momento, I am still in teh middle of the study…and that’s become a block against personal life sitch…ya know what I mean. So its hard to just throw something out there without knowing if it will sound good..until I think its complete anyways…ya feel me right?

    So I’m am all blogged out for the moment also….until then, I will go on Tam’s fill-in-friday between my naps..

  4. Mostly I just hope tomorrow will be a more creative day.

    If I really feel compelled to write a post I can almost always find some inspiration in someone else’s blog, if I can find the time to read them.

    Main sources:

    Christian Science Monitor for news articles about inspirational people.

    Science Daily for new research.

    YouTube for funny videos.

    Pop Sirens podcast for funny stores and new music.

  5. Half the things I come up with I cannot blog….why???……my mother reads my blog and I really don’t want to “explain” things that she know nothing about!

  6. bloggers block? call me. we’ll laugh and be goofy and maybe even have a serious conversation. either way, maybe you’ll end up with something bloggable.

  7. oh brandi…uhhhh…do they come w/ an instructional manual and a back up endless supply of duct tape [for all of those “when all else fails” moments, of course]?

    hey lil’ang, i’m so glad you can relate! and if i squint, that avatar may look a little like one of your flaughing pictures!

    TT…that’s genius…just genius! 🙂

    Ed – great suggestions! I should really tap the resource of youtube, but after it got voted most important person by time mag a few years back…my jealousy keeps me from becoming too close of friends.

    Ramsey…did you know how much i LOVE joke recall?!?!?! It’s so my favorite!!! So, comment recall is now on my list!!!

    Lece!!! I’ve missed you, my friend!!! I hope my v/m didn’t interrupt your weekend! 😉 ‘Twas love, that’s all!

  8. it didn’t interrupt — and i loved it. i’m sorry i haven’t called you back yet. it’s been a bit hectic… funeral is tomorrow morning.

    i’d rather be in boston.

  9. rick! I just rescued your comment from the spam-monster! But yes…I tend to rebel against the post-post questions by commenting on something that doesn’t even relate to the question…sad, I know!

  10. i love when people have nothing to blog about. they post that they have nothing to blog about and the comments come rolling in. its so awesome. everyone has a say on saying nothing at all. 🙂

    i look for quotes that spark a thought and open it for discussion.

    and im tired and my tummy hurts from a big bowl of frosted mini wheats. yum. dang.

  11. it’s all about the frosted mini wheats!!!!! And tamiator, i learn from the best!

    Oh, and i was talking about you to my dad the other day…he responded, “oh, is that taminator?” HA! Love it!!!

  12. oooh, I am in the middle of a blogging rebellion of sorts myself. *sigh* I go through phases, I’m bad about that. I’m like that in real life though too….I’m not always “on.” y/k?

    When I have nothing to blog about….I either don’t blog, or post something funny the kids said/did. Unless they’re annoying me. 😆 HA!!!

  13. oh, brandy…so this in-law thing was just a front for not blogging, eh?!?!
    Well, i’m glad you got a respite and a release for your “blogging rebellion”…it’s nice, isn’t it.

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