…hence, august is my birthmonth

I’ve never had a birthday. Sad, I know. But before you wipe away your alligator tears with your grandma’s old hankie, let me say that it’s because we’ve always celebrated my special day for the entire month of August…hence, August is my birthmonth.

Seems like I’m swimming in the sea of birthday pretentiousness, right? Well, according to Freud, it’s not my fault…ever since I was a kid, we’d celebrate my special day on my birthday, then go to my aunt’s house the following weekend, then we’d go on our family vacation and celebrate with the rest of the family…hence, August is my birthmonth.

I’m 28 now, and still, we’ve had a celebration every weekend of August thus far!

  • First weekend – My slice surprised me w/ a trip to meet Alece and Mandy
  • Second weekend – Ice cream cake & a sleep over w/ the kiddos
  • This weekend – Family bonfire…and more cake

…Hence, August is my birthmonth.

Tonight’s yet another celebration…I know, you feel for me.

p.s…every time mark has brought me coffee this month, it’s been in this mug!


15 thoughts on “…hence, august is my birthmonth

  1. oh, i find my birthday as my excuse to rest in a month of pure narcissism! It’s not just for my birthmonth though…this applies to everyone else as well. See…i’m not completely heartless!

    “That’s my birthday”

    I’ll welcome october with open arms!!!!

  2. excuse me ..

    am i in a wrong place n time to make any comment??

    but i like the concept of birthmonth..

    how about the birthsemester, or even birthyear>????

    im from indonesia anyway..

  3. Happy Birthday Cathi
    Happy Birthday Cat
    Happy Birthday Stegall
    Happy Birthday Cathi
    Happy Birthday Cat
    Happy Birthday Stegall
    Happy Birthday Cathi
    Happy Birthday Cat
    Happy Birthday Stegall
    Happy Birthday Cathi all month long! So really, imagine that I just typed that 31 times. Don’t want to be a blog hog or I would’ve. Love the cup!

  4. So today is your birthday too???

    Does it feel like that movie “Groundhog’s Day” when you repeat and repeat?

    I’m kidding

    I love birthday months.

    But let me tell ya friend. when you hit 40 like I did 2 years ago, you don’t want to celebrate it all month. You want it to happen and get over it… trust me on that!!!

  5. primoseto! what a great suggestion!!! I’m so glad you thought of that…my family, on the other hand, may not be so excited that I’ve upgraded to a birth year!!!!

    lil’ang! I’m thinking we could spare a november for you, muffin! but of course! However, November is mark’s birthmonth too…so i’d have to clear it w/ him. 😉

    alece, it’s ok that you don’t want to celebrate your birthmonth, it gives you more energy to celebrate mine!!! 🙂

    Brandy…we have over a decade to worry about that one!!! I can’t promise anything, but I’m looking forward to seeing what’s over the proverbial hill anyway!

    Hey epiphany!!! I’m totally ramping up for september! You even got birthday parties at school now, didn’t you?!?! That was my only downer for having a summer birthmonth. OH well, you win some, you loose some. Happy almost birthmonth to you!

    Oh hislife….that was amazing awesomeness wrapped up in love!!!! You win for the most creative birthmonth comment ever!!! Yaaaay to you!!!!

    Heidi…it does feel like groundhog’s day…but EVEN BETTER! I have the small complex of liking to be the center of attention…having a whole month dedicated to just that…well, I love it! We’ll have to wait and see how the 30’s and 40’s feel though…i’ll keep you posted!

    Hey Roxy! Thanks for enjoying our moments w/ us! We had so much fun and talked a bunch about our blogging community. We just love you guys so much!!!

  6. okay…my family does something like this. and, still after 12 years of being married to my husband,


    he’d rather just do it and get it over with.

    ahhh, someone else who goes out for like 5 birthday dinners. =)

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