Mondays with Marjie {creative travels}

this makes me want to create short films. makes me want to

So, it’s been a few weeks since my last mondays w/ marjie. Sorry. But this link that she sent me to the 2min15 blog is fantabulous…I’m curious what cleveland would look like in 2 min and 15 seconds!

Here’s the gist…they invite all to collaborate w/ them from any city or location following four general ideas:

urban life is the main subject of the blog, the idea is to show the life of the city where you live, or where you travel; but always with a curiosity for seeing farther than the usual stuff. Either showing a normal day in the city, or the weirdest.
this blog was created with non commercial purposes, everybody has to be the owner of the material submitted.
videos should have a length of 1min to 2min15, we think is a proper time to show something without it being boring, less is more.

digital cameras and basic editing software is the base of the project, feel free to edit videos as you wish, these can be with music, real audio, mute, black and white and in any language. The idea is that everyone can watch it, without it being too personal.

see paris:

see bruxelles:

see valencia:

it’s so nice to travel thousands of places w/o even leaving your computer…this used to be done in the narrative with books…thanks Billy Gates! What would we do without you?!?!?


12 thoughts on “Mondays with Marjie {creative travels}

  1. lil’ang! I loved the tour!!! Thanks for the randomness…twas like a good cup of coffee and a danish to boot!

    mandy mac…it’s true…you do ask, but I love to answer you, so it works really well. I’m sure she could be my alter ego b/c she’s absolutely brilliant and fantastically wonderful! I actually can’t wait for classes to start again just so i can see her more often!
    And no…what’s fight club? sounds painful.

  2. Yumm..Now I want to drive through this stupid rain to Panera, or Starbucks!
    For the moment I will settle for Kool Aid and mint musketeers:)

  3. fight club is WAY up there on the list of ‘boy movies’ that are vulgar and offensive.
    basically, it’s all about these two men who set up an underground community of street “boxers”…. getting together and beating the crap out of each other. eventually, they take over an abandoned house and run a gang out of it…
    at the end of the movie, you learn that the two men are actually ONE man with two personalities. it’s all crazy. the whole dang thing.

    who’s marjie again? j/k.
    but does she read this stuff?

  4. oh, lil’ang…i’d love to join you in your mint muskateers snack attack!!!!

    and mandy mac…so, this fight club…are you trying to say I have multiple personalities [mpd]??? eh???

  5. What a great way for people to share their city, and a brief glimpse of their lives, with the world.

    People sharing and learning about each other is my great hope for the future.

    Loved the videos, thanks for posting them.

  6. sorry for my avatar on your comment, ed. I moved it from the other post…it was the best i could do.

    I’m glad you liked the site though! They’re very creative and I too like the way we can see the world through others’ points of view!

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