What does home feel like?

Is home a location or a feeling?

Have you ever been on vacation and said, “Let’s go home” and actually meant the hotel room?

We’ve been married for 5 ½ years and have moved 5 times. Mark is my home.

We’re finally “settled” from our latest move. We have friends in the same situation as we are [owning a house in a different state than you live], and they’ve offered us the opportunity to house sit for them until the house sells. Nice arrangement, I’d have to say.

Well honestly, at first, it felt more than awkward…they’re living in another state while we’re living in their home, with their belongings, their smells, their sounds, and it took Mark and I a while to get our routines together. However, we’ve made it. We now know which doors stick, the chimes on the grandfather clock aren’t haunted, which direction to vacuum the carpet in order to get the nice patterns, how long the dishwasher takes for a load to finish, how long it takes Mark to mow the lawn, and so forth, and so on.

So, suffice to say, even though our locality is transient, it’s so good to be here w/ my slice!

Mark is my home…but for location’s sake…Home sweet home…



13 thoughts on “What does home feel like?

  1. i couldn’t think of a better place to call home than right next to you! thanks for being my constant companion and my fellow moving expert!!

    i love you!

  2. its ashame you have to call that little slice of property your home 😯 wow! that is SO beautiful!

    my home is where ever we are at the moment. it has always been that way. cuz when B and the kids are with me – i am home. its weird – i just am.

    however…i always feel drawn back to southern ca. so if God called us there to “suffer for Jesus” – i would happily find a new home 😉

    so glad you’re settled! hugs to the slice!

    love you, hot thang!

  3. My home is here and there and well, I am actually homeless. We (Daniel and I) are for sure home together…but America is home and South Africa is home. We know not to call a house our home because that seems to change like the seasons…but location depends on which way the airplane is facing.

  4. Um yeah, I’d say that’s a home SWEEEEEET home!! 😆

    Now how about the inside?? he he he

    I agree though….home is where my family is. Jake and the boys. As long as I have them, I’m home, and happy. 😀

    (Tam, I’m pretty sure there was cheese in my comment ha!!)

  5. “mark is my home.” simply beautiful.

    i call here home. i call SA home. i’ve called many a host-home or hotel room home.

    yet right now, even amid all this, i feel a bit homeless.

  6. awwww…steegs!!! I love you so stinkin much! I’m thinking that instead of buying a new car when the white one dies…let’s just get a uhaul.

    taminator…that was poetic! And so very, very true. My mom calls the little spot on my dad’s chest, where she lays her head, “home”…i like that, b/c that means home is anywhere he is…*sigh*…

    kristi…did you know that i love homeless missionaries?!?!? Yeah, for some reason, they have my heart! So welcome to your newest real estate – the heart of cathi c stegall!

    lil’ang! That feels like something from the Psalms…david said it best when talking about moses in Psalm 90.1
    “Lord, through all the generations
    you have been our home!” So, so true!!!

    Epiphany…we feel sooooo stinkin blessed! The thing is 3x’s bigger than any home I’ve ever lived…it also takes 3 times longer to clean! YIKES!

    Hey brandy! We’ll get more pictures of the inside as time goes on…the style of decorating isn’t particularly what we would choose, but who else likes beatles pictures, oversized letters hanging over the fireplace, and lots and lots of white!!!! And btw…I love cheese…especially my slice!

    lil’ang…i know, i know…people get crazy w/ the storms down there…we’ve talked w/ the people living in our house to make sure everything was ok, and they said every school was canceled! Gotta love storm days!

    lece…you ALWAYS have a home w/ me!!! Come over…stay a while…we’ll get a latte!!!
    miss your face.

  7. OMG…I need someone to have a new post! 🙂 LOL!!!
    I am DYING, simply DYING I tell you of complete and utter boredom…I am playing with craft lace…I actually went to the store to buy it…Oh Lord help me!;)

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