top ten favorite youtube videos

Ok, so this top ten list has been ambushed by this video…it’s taken every slot in my top ten favorite youtube videos…one through ten…maybe even through eleven…or one hundred!!! I can watch it over and over and over again and laugh just as hard as the first time!

I just love it!


14 thoughts on “top ten favorite youtube videos

  1. lece…i love you right back!!! More than a whole grain donut!!!

    mandy mac…i love that you know that too! I also love that you know my 3 am laugh, my noon laugh, my wake-up laugh….etc….etc….etc

    taminator!!!! You just gave me a mental picture of you dressing up as santa clause. But for some reason, I still can’t imagine you w/ a “belly shake”…is that like belly dancing b/c I’ve always wanted to try that!

    oh steegs, I know, i know…that was crazy! I loved your reaction…and it’s priceless that it was caught on tape! I just love our memories! You’re a good memory-maker, you are, you are!!!

    yaaay, Ramsey!!! I’m so glad!!! We here at aim to deliver! 🙂

    lil’ ang…i’m on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. so sorry, girlies…i’ve hit the proverbial wall…and am trapped…and can’t breathe…and want to crawl into a little thing called a plane and fly to nebraska [never been there, but it sounds like not much goes on in that place], rent a cow or a pony or a mountain goat, and live in a cartoon for the rest of my life!

  3. Oz has better food! ( and a wizard!)

    the video – what am i missing?? ( Yeah, Yeah, i KNOW i’ve been away FAR too long!) what was cheese-slice#1 freaked over? – i wanna KNOWWWWWW!

    You love whole grain donuts???

    Y’all definitely ain’t right – that’s like only eating low-fat chocolate! or tofu-based cookie dough??

    Are you really gonna let something as wasteful as an education come between you and all your blogbuds?

    i’m missing you already – and i just got back here!!! 😦

    Will’f gonna be crufhed when i tell him!


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