fried chicken

we’re back in the school grind, which means I’m wearing the hat of student, intern, researcher, and prof…therefore, I will most likely be on hiatus for an interval or two. I know, I know…what will you do without me?


24 thoughts on “fried chicken

  1. 🙂 I UNDERSTAND…I am actually getting ready for work tonight..then I have class tomorrow at 12pm, I’ll probably head to Deltona to get away from the area a few days, (wed and thurs) then go to class Fri at 12pm again, and work that night, sat, sun, mon and tuesday..there ya go full circle, and somewhere in there I have church too LOL:)

    AND…Its college algebra…nough’ said.

  2. What does fried chicken have to do with leaving the blog word for a moment right?? ( a moment) Right??

    Oh BTW… G is right… May God give you everything you need to get through this season.

  3. Speaking of intervals, I have been retired for several intervals now! forgot what school was – in grade school I spent more time in the office than in class! By the way – thats not a chicken – its a duck! lol

  4. recovered, brandy!!!

    hi friends…i decided to take a sneek peak during my hiatus…and I’m so encouraged by you guys! I’m a little toasted now…not so fried anymore…maybe just “over easy”…I’m thinking a post is in the brewing about this adjustment.

    but just so you know…i miss you guys in blog world. it just isn’t the same here in real-life world w/o a constant dose of you all to brighten my day!

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