ERGO, I commence…| A tribute to big MAC

The loveliest of lovelies, our Ms. Mandy Mac that is, has put me to the challenge.

ERGO, I shall accept this fine test of creative genius and stretch my imaginative brain, drain my resourceful juices and squeeze every ounce of inspired bliss out of this here blog to meet and exceed the limits of this proposed challenge!
ERGO, I, Cathi C. Stegall, commence the challenge!


mondays with marjie {procrastination | diplomats of the land}

With mid-semester encroaching, we are most definitely in need of yet another procrastination post, don’t you think.

When considering the world of procrastination, Margie and I are the diplomats of the land!
Margie recently sent me this link highlighting artist, Johnny Kelly, who’s an active artisan finding humor in eccentricity and spontaneity. This video makes me smile.

In my own desperate attempt to stimulate productivity, I’ve designed my own tool to counter my procrastinating personality…I now create my own deadlines a few weeks prior to the actual cut-off date – Ergo, I procrastinate against my own deadline, and still have the project completed on time.
Now, watch this video and thank me later.

Toto, I’m not in Kansas anymore

As Dorothy returned to her black and white world called life from an energetic experience of utter perplexity via a Kansas cyclone of bewilderment where she was surrounded by flying prehistoric monkeys, ramshackle houses, miniature people with piercing voices and a colorful road leading to restoration, what was on her little rainbow bright mind?
Well, I don’t know about her, but as I’m resisting my own flight back to the confusion and veracity of the “real world” from this all-too-quick dream called Kansas, there are a few things of which I am most certain… I will miss my tin man, who with great thoroughness and grace, provided wisdom through compassion and comic relief…mixed with a little mint and lime – shaken not stirred. I will miss my lion, who with all fervor and zeal she unabashedly shared her heart, taking every opportunity to relate and commune both physically and spiritually, with a side of applesauce, of course! And I will miss my scarecrow, the companion whose friendship is intricately woven within each character like a game of cat’s cradle, she allows her energy, empathy, strength and charisma to open opportunities to love and be loved. OH, and I will never, ever, ever forget the wizard, though not always present in the flesh, she brought quality, inspiration and excitement into every shared experience. It is here, with my tin man, lion, scarecrow and wizard, I truly found my heart’s home.
I will undeniably miss my Kansas. Nevertheless, I have made my choice… I am taking my Kansas with me through my cyclone of life to remind me that yes, even though it was but a weekend, it’s real…and yes indeed, there’s no place like home.