A little care package from me to you…

While I’m juggling hats, I do have a moment to stop and share a joke w/ you that made my day…
How many social workers does it take to change a light bulb?
None – the social worker empowers the light bulb to change itself!
I love jokes. They make me laugh. And if it makes me laugh again hours later, that’s even better.
And what tops that? Joke recall!!!
What is joke recall, you ask? Well, it is when you hear a funny/make a funny, and later in the conversation, you state something that brings back that previous funny. Kind of like joke indigestion, kind of.


30 thoughts on “A little care package from me to you…

  1. Hey now I resemble that joke……the funny thing is that sounds like some of the psychobabble that we try on Mentally Retarded kids……doesn’t work too well…..maybe that’s because they are not the brightest crayons in the box or better yet, the brightest bulb in the lamp! Ok I will stop now…..it has been a long week already and I am getting a little delirious!

  2. Cat got jokes:) and we needed it!

    Thanks for your comment dear friend:) I just love you!
    and…I hope your day goes well…
    I’ll be sending an email your way soon 🙂

    Be blessed:)

    lil’ ang

  3. i HATE this…. the last two blogs i have visited i have looked for the comment i tried to leave last time i was there… and they are NOT there! :-(((

    i don’t get to keep in touch enough without people not getting the comments i DO try to leave 😦

    i miss you! – i admire your ‘resolve’ – i just miss you!

    wanted you to know that?

    How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb??

    Just one… but the lightbulb REALLY has to WANT to change! 😉

    miss you!


  4. I heard this best upcoming artist this weekend… our church hosted Jason Gray… he was incredible (!!!)… he deals with a stuttering handicap, but sings better than anyone… if you link below & click on the left where it says “Launch Juke Box” you can hear one of my favorite songs he sang called, “Losers”… it’s whimsical and incredibly meaningful all at the same time… happy Monday!!!

    Link: http://www.jasongraymusic.com/site.php


  5. Cathi! Come Back!! – Mandy’s turning into a battery chicken!!! 😯

    i really think we should hijack this blog ’til the original owner returns to claim her imaginary friends – and her real ones.

    Leesh? Mandible? Ang? Tam? Will f? you with me??


  6. Aye! That i am indeed fir! 🙂

    That comely wench if forely in need of a good hijack…

    HI, Jack! 😉

    Brandolyn? are you up for fair fport alfo??

    Will (fhe or won’t fhe?)

    Come thee back here, fifter!
    if only for a fleeting moment,
    End the forrow of thif fad miffed-her,
    who defiref relief from thif lonely torment.

    ( letf fee her work all that out!) 😉

  7. Weelllll..

    we could all take turns at being Cathi for a day and write what we think she would write if she were here.. or we could be one of her imaginary friends instead and write a comment to suit?


    we could have a contest and post it on our blogs and invite everyone Cathi knows – imaginary friends included – over here to post a comment giving a reason Cathi should come back to claim her blog, with a prize (to be determined) for the best entry recorded??

    any better ideas? 🙂

    ( P.S i have a feeling she ‘Will’ drop by very soon!)


  8. HA! All is well, Love! You’re threat was the fire that I needed to finally get back on this ship…er…train. 🙂 And not to mention, that gave me quite the laughter fit!
    and i did miss mifter will! glad he stopped by!!!!

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