first row on the procrastination train

Ok, ok, ok…I’m back…for a moment. I’m actually in the front row of the procrastination train [nice to see you again].

You see, I vowed to write several papers this weekend merely due to the fact that the next few weekends are busier than an overly decorated Thomas Kinkaid showroom [you know that’s bad, don’t you?]. Now that classes are here, I suppose I will hop on this train much more frequently than I ought.
So, what was the first stop on this threadbear train? Well, I first went here, and here, then here, here and then, of course, here. In no way does this even touch the list of all my “must reads”; however, after a bit of my months of catch up, I figured this well recognized locomotive might as well stop at, and a special someone suggested a somewhat cryptic hi-jack????… well, I just couldn’t have that!
With the craziness of starting back with the crazies, all of my creative “energies” that usually go to posting ho-hum thoughts, opinions, beliefs, judgments, ideas and dreams were diverted to merely coping through the adjustment.
I’m guessing the procrastination train will most definitely stop here more often.

We cool now?


20 thoughts on “first row on the procrastination train

  1. aawww, love, you’re too much! This whole “back to school” thing should come w/ a special deal for this procrastination train!

    Hey Brandi! thanks for the welcoming shout out! It feels good to be back! Who knew, give me a few papers to do, and I’d find my way back in a jiffy!

  2. oh, rachel, let’s share the throne! Seriously, instead of finishing my paper, i did 3 loads of laundry, the dishes, and, of course, went blog-stalking…good thing the papers aren’t due until next month…otherwise, i’d be so up the creek!

  3. theres nuttin sweeter than seeing your sweetness sprinkled over the www.

    hmmm…that sounds kinda naughty. but, you get me, dont ya???

    dont ya?

    ahhh…love you and have been missin you girl!!!

  4. Ahhhh, it’s all nice and FRESH over here! 😆

    Good to see your face, sort of.

    Question…. was three loads of laundry ALL of your laundry? 😯

    I am sitting on about 20 loads of laundry that needs to be done now. Care to switch? 😉

    I read this RIGHT AFTER you posted it, and shortly thereafter lost my internet connection…
    went through withdrawals.
    cold sweats.
    the shakes.
    now I’m back.
    and feeling better! 🙂

  6. taminator! How’d you find ’em??? 😉
    But i love you and miss you too!!! More than I miss blue slushies in the summer! They just look funny now. humph.

    well yeah, brandy, we only had 3 loads of laundry…and I thought that was a lot…so thanks for giving me that much needed dose of perspective! time to gather some goats and flowers, and you can film your own version of Heidi! 🙂

    Speaking of Heidi!!!! Hi Heidi! I’ll totally share a seat w/ you! I’d love the company!

    ‘Lece!!!! But of course!!! you know, they also serve whole grain donuts on this train?!?!?! crazy, huh.

    Mandy mac, I believe you. I do. I have the medication in the mail for you too! 🙂 It’ll fix all that ails you!

  7. Apologies for inserting update into post comment off topic.

    I’m writing to let you know my Sharing Notes blog is history.

    If I happen to be on your link list, below is my new blog name/address (if I am not on your link list, no worries what so ever… if you are receiving this you are on my link list – please let me know if problem):

    Roxanne Kristina

    If you would like more details please read this post:


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