brief moments in cathi’s brain

Since I’ve taken this little “hiatus” of sorts, it’s sad to say that I’ve lost the touch w/ my blogging brain. You know, the way you can intrinsically sense post ideas when you’re walking through the mall and witness 12 year old kids making out in the parking lot before their parents pick up their carpooling heads or driving behind an idiot who’s choosing to use his invaluable time to catch up on texting while eating a big mac, cutting you off and proceeding to tell you you’re number one.
Nevertheless, I did have a miniature moment like this. Let me share.
Today, I was trying to think where the stressor was in the word applicable. Is it in the ‘A’ [ah-plic-able] or in the ‘I’ [uh-PLICK-able]? I tend to use the latter, but I heard a dude on the radio use the first version…hence, my quandary.
There you have it, a moment in cathi stegall’s brain.
Should this have been escorted in by a fair disclosure statement?


17 thoughts on “brief moments in cathi’s brain

  1. YES! – yes it should 😉

    .. and it’s gotta be like Daffy Duck…

    Yer ap-LICK-able!! ( lick, lick – Hmmm… blue slushy flavour!) 😉

    you KNOW it makes sense 🙂

    it might not ‘last’… but it is great to have you back/know you’re alive – and ‘Daffy’ 😉

    love ya,


  2. traveling through your brain is like mine…wow, can you imagine what would happen to people if they dared take the risk? WOW.:)

    I don’t get it…#1? Is that supposed to be code? Or am I just feeling the effects from working overnight, in electronics, then cashier, then Health and Beauty? Hmm….wait, after Tam’s comment…I see now…ah. I haven’t been told I am.
    as far as I know….

    I say ” applic-able”

    but there are many words I don’t know how to say correctly, because of the accent;) A Jersey Floridian…ever hear of such a thing! HA!

    Love ya!

  3. Most Southerners I have heard pronounce it the first way but I pronounce it the way you do , because I just can’t seem to say it the other way with out getting tongue tied. It comes out something like the duck in the AFLAC commercial!

  4. Hey Love! I’m glad you brought in the daffy perspective! That makes so much sense, especially since it validates MY opinion! 🙂 I don’t remember, Love, what number am I?

    Tam, can I tell you that I almost spit water out of my mouth when I read your comment…that was HYSTERICAL!

    lil’ang, well, #1 is one way to communicate a flippin’ flick of “the finger”…better? But a jersey/floridian? So you go to the wooota driving through Miiaaami? 🙂

    Ramsey! That duck ROCKS…he’s got some narcissistic tendencies, but hey, don’t we all! We’re bloggers aren’t we?!?!

  5. Cathi – this is my first time on your blog (but we have alot of the same blogging friends so I’m legit!).

    I get the #1 all of the time – now I can smile because you opened my eyes to the fact that these people just think I’m really cool and #1!!!!

  6. i grant your legitimacy, miss judi! I’ve seen your face round our little community! I’m thinking we could just respond to those calling us #1 in a like manner? My great aunt did it, why can’t wek?!?!?

    As for the confusion? No worries, that would have been in the disclosure statement, however the federal government stole it and have used it w/in their bargaining w/ AIG…sorry. I tried.

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