alece “might could” be here!


8 thoughts on “alece “might could” be here!

  1. you are so beautiful. i’m glad you’re there. sincerely and truly. so glad.

    and i’m glad i’m there, too. well, sorta. i do wish i looked a little cuter, but hey — i’ll shake what my mama gave me.

  2. excuse me but if you need that doll to look like alece you might need to de flate it quite a lot… see what happens when a group of people with blogs get toghether… they make their friends look fat and ugly…

  3. lece…we just kept on saying how the only thing that would make this weekend better is the presence of our loveliness in a little amazingness called Y-O-U…this was the best we could do. We tried working on the make-over, but seriously…there’s no way to capture the real alece…especially with a blow up doll originally called “carpool kenny”!

  4. anti-blogger!!! I’m honored to be one of the conversations you engage in that is counter intuitive to your existence in this blog world…but I do have to say, that even though our alece may look a little bloated and brawny, she smelled good…ok, she smelled like plastic, but hey…we tried.

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