mondays with marjie {who’s marjie?}

Who’s marjie, you ask??? Well, I understand the desire you are having to meet the real marjie – she’s fantastic!

…unfortunately, all I could get was this incognito photo of her via

…and in the meantime, I thought yearbookyourself needed a flaughter photo…so, here you go!!!

and my slice


16 thoughts on “mondays with marjie {who’s marjie?}

  1. Here’s mine.. This picture is hilarious. I know i had at least one poodle maekover in my life… Did I tell you I was named after my gramma’s poodle?? seriously.. Heidi Sue and Heidi poo. Here’s a photo to prove it!!

  2. i’m glad i now know what marjie looks like.

    and, uh, i’ve seen you with hair like that for real. (kinda sorta.) i saw your wedding video montage, remember?

    “tell him to stick it in there!”

  3. i’m seeing sides to Alece i never knew existed!

    Bwan – i just know it’s mostly your fault… and Mandy’s of course! 😉

    Cathi – be warned! 😉 – before it’s ‘too late’!

    i may have to avert my ‘gaze’ 😉

    (P.S. that weekend was awesome! – so glad i ‘peeked’) 🙂


  4. I’m dying reading these comments!
    Mark went and did yearbookyourself to photos of his brother and sister-in-law…this can be one full trip of craziness!

    Lece…that was the best stinkin recall of the weekend yet!!! I’m glad Mandy caught it! Seriously, I’m still mulling in embarassment over that one!

    Love, i’m glad you were a part of our weekend too! Although, I’ve already forgot the ausie words we so studiously tried to learn…something about sandwich and buggy…that’s all i can remember!

    Hey babe!!! So, yeah, maybe that tanning bed should stay in the 80’s…however, it seems as though aquanet hair spray didn’t!

    Kal…what’s wrong w/ the hair?!?!? I was going to wear it that way for our pics! 😉

    Hey Heather! This could be one of the best time wasters since the invention of facebook, i’m sure!!! No this is what we call “family fun”!

    oh lece and mandy mac…i love you girls so dearly! Now go get yourselves a whole grain donut and all will be well!
    “that’s my birthday!”

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