mondays with marjie {procrastination | diplomats of the land}

With mid-semester encroaching, we are most definitely in need of yet another procrastination post, don’t you think.

When considering the world of procrastination, Margie and I are the diplomats of the land!
Margie recently sent me this link highlighting artist, Johnny Kelly, who’s an active artisan finding humor in eccentricity and spontaneity. This video makes me smile.

In my own desperate attempt to stimulate productivity, I’ve designed my own tool to counter my procrastinating personality…I now create my own deadlines a few weeks prior to the actual cut-off date – Ergo, I procrastinate against my own deadline, and still have the project completed on time.
Now, watch this video and thank me later.


15 thoughts on “mondays with marjie {procrastination | diplomats of the land}

  1. Encroaching AND ergo.

    I think you should put “ergo” in all your posts – challenge yourself to use that word in every post for a whole month. I think it’ll spark some serious creativity.

  2. oh, the challenges you place on me are vast, mandy mac…I’m thinking this may be your subtle way to get more posts…so….ok, I’ll do it… let’s consider it a present for your birthMONTH…i’ll try my best!

  3. Alas procrastination seems to have wrapped me up so warmly…could I possibly let it go?

    I might do it tomorrow….or the day after that, or the day after that…

    Thanks for that Cat,:) it made me day:)

  4. oh rachel, it’s the genuine, authentic confessions of ladies like you that make this blogosphere run so beautifully!!!! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Now lil’ang…i’m glad you liked it…it’s things like good ol’ procrastination that fill us to the brim with happiness…kind of like ice cream…you can never get enought but too much will kill you. hmmmmm…..

  5. you are looking at, over here >>>>>>>>>

    the queen of procrastination.

    i get too many things on my virtual list. i start all of them. rarely finish all of them, which leaves me overwhelmed with 1/2 done jobs and attempts.

    diagnose me stegall!

    ooo – that would be a good tv show name…

    “Diagnose Me, Stegall”

    i like!

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  7. I’ll take it!!! Let’s make lots of money together, taminator! I was in the hospital room w/ my sister this afternoon and saw an amazing show called “The Dr’s”…it was a type of talk show…and I LOVED IT!!!

    But taminator, if we dub you “queen of procrastination” in procrastination land, we diplomats might have an anarchy…just a warning of sorts…but no worries…we’ll get to it “someday”

  8. alas, i procrastinate in so many ways.

    i’m procrastinating now by wondering why the heck he needed to use “making tea” as an example THREE TIMES. now i’m procrastinating by boiling my kettle to make myself tea. and NOW i’m procrastinating by wondering if i’m the only one who saw this who understood what he meant when he said “procrastination is descaling your kettle”

  9. i never procrastinate. NE-VER! Nu-Uhhh, No Way, Not me! not this little Black Duck, No Sirree Bub. I have never crastinated one single pro – not even in high school! it’s just not the sort of thing i’d ever contemplate, procrastination. in fact, i’d venture to say that of ALL the things i do, procrastination would be THE one i do the least of in my ENTIRE life. Procrastination is not in my vocabulary (which, as you can see here, is fairly impressive)! If you numbered all the procrastinators ever in the entire history of this planet you’d find my name way down somewhere near the bottom (if you ordered them in terms of lifetime’s procrastinating), probably right at the very bottom, in fact – if it was even ON the list because, as i may have mentioned somewhere, i forget now, i don’t actually procrastinate…

    all THAT much 🙂

    What does procrastinate mean?

    The video was a little unclear!

    Oh – and Alece?? you’re not the only one! – you can relax now Hun 🙂

    i better, er, Go! 😉

    love you! 😉


  10. that is fantastic! i can ALWAYS procrastinate, and i know what mid-semester crunch does to a person. in fact, i’m pretty sure procrastination and i have a double date with the couch and a movie tonight.

  11. i totally missed this comment, taminator! Instead of doing something, how about a little date w/ little ol’ me?!?!? I’m already smelling the cinnamon crunch bagel at panera calling our name…how does that work now???

    Hey linds! It feels so good knowing that you completely understand every word about procrastination! And yes, the best of the best is the vehicle of procrastination, formerly known as our couch!!!

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