ERGO 1| “That’s my birthday”

Well, Miss Mandy Mac is the big THREE-OH, and as much as I love her, I know one of her first of many chief complaints to me was removing my initial video, which I created just weeks after she instigated the inauguration of the official commencement of our dear friendship. ERGO, I will repost this here video in honor of this special day full of muffin cake and smiles. Happy Birthday Miss Mandy Mac!


14 thoughts on “ERGO 1| “That’s my birthday”

  1. The credits were as much fun as your video gram. Better than a Hallmark card. Such a blessing watching you all connect and minister to each other. And giggle along with you! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I think we are are old….raise your hand if you are here, and DON’T have a grey hair, a chin whisker, circles under your eyes, scars from acne, or stretch marks..???

    anyone, anyone???

  3. oh lece and mandy mac…you both know the drama in the background of posting and reposting this post [school of redundancy school, eh?]…so it’s ever so good to hear you validate my heart…oh so good!

    Roxx…seriously, it’s so fantastic to have these relationships that DIDN’T EVEN EXIST but months ago! How crazy this that?!?!?!? Thank you Jesus for the blogosphere!!!

    lil’ang…we are, we are…I’d like to lie and pretend that I don’t experience any of those geriatric speed bumps…so, in honor of mandy mac’s birth month, I’m going to lie and raise my hand. woooo-hooo…this is freeing!

  4. thanks lece!!! I had some leftover creative juices that I thought I could put to work!
    I love you too!!! so very, very much!!!
    Enjoy those wild animals…and enjoy the safari too! 😉

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