Ergo 3| Ergo in the OR

My sister has been in surgery since 7:30 this morning…I have been surrounded by others suffering through the boredom and restlessness of the OR Waiting Room, ERGO, we all conveined our efforts and created this simple montage; i.e., our Waiting Room Waiting Game!


23 thoughts on “Ergo 3| Ergo in the OR

  1. HA! roxx…you have no idea! the amazing brittish old man was a hoot and a half! He had me sit and explain what “Ergo” meant, then he taught me several old english words such as “Twaddle” and “Gomeless”…what fun we had!

  2. You are too creative:) I am sure the people there were happy to get in the video, instead of an endless tirade of boredom!!!

    Hope your sis is alright. Be Blessed:) I’ll check on you later!


  3. hey mandy mac! created the header! Yeah, I know! I give all my creative credit to my main slice of cheese!!!! And this one’s for my homies!!! 🙂 Oh, and my dad…yeah, he’s amazing and loved sending you the shout out!

    Roxx, well, the amazing man said that Twaddle meant “nonsense” or ridiculous words and gomeless evidently means “stupid”… now that I think of it…I don’t know what he was trying to say about me or my word “Ergo”!!!! 🙂

  4. hey lil’ang! We had to make the best of it. I loved the little boy…he was so quiet yet loved watching the video b/c after I was finished putting it all together a few minutes later, I showed it to all of the participants…man, that really was fun.

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  6. mandy mac needs a mac!!!!

    LOVE the header!

    and the title of this post made me think you were in ORegon. i almost pee’d myself! oh yes i did!

  7. mandy mac…GREAT WORD! Totally love every minute of it!!! And I really can’t understand the purpose of knee highs…they never really worked, except for a good mask for armed robberies…wonder if OJ considered that as an option.

    Taminator!!! You’re brilliant and hysterical all wrapped up into one wonderful woman! Let’s make you a cape, ok? I think it should be green…why? b/c green’s my favorite color, of course! And if I had a cape, I’d be wearing it while I flew to ORegon for sure!!!!
    And no worries about the blind wave…i made mandy wave at mark on the phone. However, I’m never, ever going to forget about that! Seriously, I’m going to start laughing in the middle of the night just thinking of that wave! This is me saying ‘THANK YOU TAM FOR MAKING ME SMILE IN BED’…wha???

  8. ha!!! mandy mac…mark’s waving back. it’s the side to side hand wave, not the bend the wrist hand wave…i don’t really know the theoretical nor the philosophical difference though.

  9. Being formerly from England i feel it my honour bound duty to inform you the poor fellow’s accent may have led you somewhat astray… it’s actually spelled ‘gormless’ – to have less gorm 😉 meaning stupid – lacking in sense or vitality – from gaum: to heed or pay attention.

    hope we cleared that up? 😉

    what were we talking about again? i had no gaum for a moment.


  10. thanks for the clarification, love! He was legally blind, so as I was asking him about different words, I was looking them up on my mac…and I couldn’t find gomeless…I just figured it was old man brittish slang…but now I know better!
    And thanks for the props on the header…that was a few hours of procrastination…rather than writing an article critique, I cropped some photos and plopped them on a banner. what fun!!!!

  11. i need a mandy mac.

    and i love that you did this. you made me smile really big.

    why’s your sister in surgery? did i miss something? maybe i should back up a post.

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