Ergo 4|Ergo, slap it…and smile!

During our Waiting Room Waiting Game, I realized that every time I approached a person asking him or her to merely state the word “Ergo” on video, I had to follow it with a brief definition and the statement that it was my favorite word. [Who doesn’t have a favorite word after all?] If the participant pursued further dialogue, I continued with the subject of blogging and nonconventional relationships…what looks I got w/ that conversation! Nevertheless, I met some amazing people through this adventure. ERGO, when all you have with you is a Mac [the computer that is, not the Mandy Mac whom we all know and love] and some willing participants…take advantage of the situation, meet some people and make someone smile.

For all of those who still wonder about Ergo…here you go:

Main Entry: er·go
Pronunciation: \ˈer-(ˌ)gō, ˈər-\
Function: adverb
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin, from Old Latin,
because of, from Old Latin *e rogo from the direction (of)
Date:14th century
: therefore , hence

courtesy of Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Ergo, now that you have the definition and several examples of use…take this word, slap it into a few sentences of your choice, and make someone smile!

For additional admission to this vocabulary fun fest…go to, you’ll spend hours there, hours, I say!!!


5 thoughts on “Ergo 4|Ergo, slap it…and smile!

  1. my personal time online has been so limited lately. ergo, i’m only now starting to catch up on the happenings in your world this past month. it’s gonna take me a while to read all these posts!

    i bookmarked that vocab site cause i bet it’s something i’ll like. i just don’t have time to check it out now!

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