Ergo 5| if I was a room…revisited

It’s Sunday. I don’t want to think. ERGO, let’s jump in the time machine and revisit a previous fav of mine entitled “if I was a room…”


One of my frequently visited blogs posted this blog entitled If I was a room. I found this intriguing and decided to go on an adventure to find my said room…here are some of my conceptual brainchildren…

by hgtv

“for as great as it looks…it’s still crappy”

by living at home

“openly energetic…generating joy with color”

by elle decor

“I’ve got everything together right now…so, don’t touch a thing”

by belle magazine

“no need for all the details…let’s go zen”

by darren henault interiors

“a daring and rugged movement”

by domino magazine

“keeping it sane and tranquil…a moment of rest”

And after just moments of looking, I found it…I found my room, a room with a personality demise…partially organized, partially scattered, patterns and solids, textures galore, largely light with the beautiful contrast of dark and bright beautifully integrated to create one eclectically juicy room…if I was a room, this here is what I’d be:

by wish magazine


no worries…we’re back to 2008, full of political ads, michael phelps, hurricane ike, and of course, the daily dose of OJ.


12 thoughts on “Ergo 5| if I was a room…revisited

  1. I love your banner. You are fabulous. I don’t like the picture with the stairs though…I would totally fall off of those. I would get dizzy and fall. I mean do those people have laundry or no?

  2. Oh mandy mac, you know…i aim to please…yet, you also know about my skills in aiming…so, uh…i don’t know what to say next.

    Hey Kristi-kiins! I’m thinking the people w/ stairs like that also have a robo-maid like the jetsons…either that, or they’re nudists.

    Taminator…doesn’t it feel wonderful to have us all together again…the only things we’re missing are a tainted package of Oreos and our bloated version of alece! But I agree, the darker floors are beautimous!!!!

    Greetins miss Becca! I’m glad you could identify w/ one of the rooms…I’m totally thinking that one comes w/ a warm cup of coffee and a one-size-fits all bathrobe!

  3. now, this here is what we call a “situation”…however, we did see that a “situation” could be a noun, verb, adj or adverb….so, let’s just say we didn’t.

    I totally know what you mean about redecorating, Rachel! I get completely stuck in the hunt for pictures…oh for the love of pete, I love this stuff too!!!

    Ha! Love…i have issues w/ complete rugged…I need some type of order – something!!!!

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