Ergo 6| Mondays with Marjie [I-kea]

I love marjie.

I love ikea.

I love blogging.

I love the way little old ladies carry their purses.


My sweedish furniture name:

Who would’ve guessed that I’d be a side table???? Analyze THAT!

Go HERE to get yours!

With my unadulterated fetish for Ikea and their wonderful world of delightful foreign artistry…I serve to indubitably thank marjie for sending this brilliant webcycle generator, which alters my namesake and makes me feel all the more connected to this ravishing amass of affordable, moreover, cheap design!

*****Editor’s addendum*****
Obviously, this post inevitably lead me back to the Ikea site like an emo mom to chanel black polish…thought you’d like a whiff of my most recent mental drippings…fyi, I just redecorated our entire house in less than 15 minutes!




the study...

the study...

living room...

living room...

the powder room...

the powder room...

the least used room in the house...

the least used room in the house...


12 thoughts on “Ergo 6| Mondays with Marjie [I-kea]

  1. We are soul sisters indeed! Mine was named “KRYSJTYFAYR” and I was the same side table! Yay!!! How fun. I did different names…like Just Kristi. Kristi Fair, Mrs. Fair…bla bla all came up with different furniture, but when I discovered that Kristifair came up like yours, I stuck with that one…because duh, I want to be just like you for good measure.

  2. Tammi is a bed – like mantii? i’m shuttin the heck up right now. 🙂

    It may intrigue you to know Ergo is ikea-speak for small chest…

    … of drawers 😉

    at ease all you Ergo’s out there!

    it probably WONT interest you to know my ikea name is: Robert – and i’m a polite desk.


  3. kristiness!!! I love that! I think kristi fair came up as the same as cathi stegall b/c we obviously have kindRED spirits! Either that, or we both are square side tables. I’m still trying to figure out that one.

    Mandy Mac…I was trying to figure out which name you’d use for that one. I like the simple bed. Now, what does that say about you????

    And Taminator, a bed too? I’m thinking this might be a pattern. Better yet, if you and mandy mac are beds and kristi and i are side tables…let’s be a room. k?

    Love, “I’m a polite desk”…i’m wondering what an aggressive desk would look like? Well done, my friend, well done!

    Daddy, what other piece of furniture would you think you’d be? Of course you were a chair, of course!!! But I must ask…was a recliner???

  4. i’m a desk…how functionable! [i know, i make up my own words…i do what i want!!!!]


    i never knew we had a powder room! am i living in the same house?

    love you…all the way from atlanta!

  5. ha, heidi! I’m glad you are a chair! What a nice chair you turned out to be! I’m guessing w/ your name spelled like that before, you were born in ikea then, right?

    hey babe! you know…you’re the sexiest desk I’ve ever seen!!! and i love YOU all the way from cleveland!

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