Ergo 9| “cathi withdrawl”

This little stegall went to atlanta,

and this little stegall stayed home…


this here conversation…


13 thoughts on “Ergo 9| “cathi withdrawl”

  1. Hey girlie:) I have been so like selective with my blog visiting, and that is SO wrong…actually, I’ve only had the strength from working and school to visit Mandy’s(yes mandy, I said yours, be careful your head might explode!:)..)
    anyway, how ya been?
    Just thought I would stop by,
    ergo, it is good to visit a friend:)
    love ya!

    lil’ ang(the one and only of course!)

  2. Ummmm I’m with Mandy on this one. How were you driving, talking on the cell phone, AND video-ing all at the same time? 😯

    But yer dang cute so I guess you can get away with it!

    Sorry about Marky Marks Montezuma’s Revenge. Saw that on twitter. Not fun! 😯

    Sorry I just called him Marky Mark. I just realized I did that. I think I do that with everyone named Mark. It’s a reactionary thing. Something about the name. Mark. Marky Mark. Funky bunch. Yo.

  3. brandi…it was totally in the air, or just b/c they missed us…yeah, i think pete and mark were having wife-w/drawl and interestingly enough, it showed up like a cold! go figure!

    mandy mac, didn’t you know that I have unseen talents…one of which being that I’m a guru at driving w/ my knee! Comes from years of driving to school in the morning, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, checking voice mail, putting on makeup, and whatnot, of course! i think leno should feature that super-human trick.

    ha! kristi…you know how much I love reunions!!! 😉 And i also am pretty positive that I could never slide anything by you…your super powers never cease to amaze me!

    awwww, lil’ang, i’m honored to be one of the select few! And i TOTALLY know what you’re sayin…when you only have a few seconds for this, you have to be selective, there’s no other choice!

    Oh, Brandy, you’re cracking me up, b/c seriously, I love it when people call him that! It’s always the people w/ amazing laughs that do that…I’m guessing now that you have an amazing, contagious laugh…just a guess, but I’m pretty sure I’m right!

    Taminator! Thanks…but I’m not sure how much that’s really sayin! 🙂

    And kristi…we love you, and we love all of your super powers…but driving is at the bottom of the list. sorry babe! 🙂

  4. well, becca, i’m glad you swayed your rules for me! I’m honored…and flattered! I’d have to ask mark about the wife thing…I’d like to think I am, but then I know how much i hate cooking…and that can’t be good on the wife rate-o-meter

  5. ask Tam about my laugh. She can vouch. 😆 And what’s super funny about your comment back to me is that I let out a huge laugh when I typed Marky Mark. HAHAHA!

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