Ergo 10, 11 & 12| Yesterdays today

Weekends are for sissys…i mean, school work…and this video took long enough to consider it for a weekend of posts…”surously” [that one’s for you, girls]…ERGO…a day in the life of this stegall as a video card for my slice while he was away from me and in the ATL…


11 thoughts on “Ergo 10, 11 & 12| Yesterdays today

  1. Brandy…um…this is further reiteration why I’m not living in the NW…I’d have total issues if it was snowing already!!! I need me some sunshine!…remind me again why we moved from south florida???

    hey-thanks taminator! i’d so much rather be adorable than foul…i’ll take it!!!

    what do you mean, mandy mac? I checked the spam monster, and he’s promised to leave you alone…what happened?

  2. Cathi! I don’t live in the NW! Is North Dakota the NW though? I thought I was northern midwest? Wait, where the heck AM I?! 😆 I’m almost Canadian. That’s how far north we are. We can see the border from our front window. 😆

  3. I wonder where the WondER GOes
    when our childish Brain UndERGOEs
    An ERGOnomic readjustment
    Of our ovERGOverning compliment
    of grown-up intellect? 🙂

    Cogito Ergo Sum 🙂

    If the weather permits see if you can find time to lie under a pERGOla somewhere and ponder if using ERGO in a comment a day could fulfill your obligation for this month 🙂

    Happy to let you have 5 more days worth 🙂


  4. brandy…you’ve got me! I’m an idiot when it comes to geography! I can barely recall the capitals of the states!!!! So, let’s just say that you’re cold in the winter.

    Love, you’re brain fascinates me! How in the friggin world do you do that?!?!?

    Mandy…I’m here…I’ve been battling the world of broken routers and hours on the phone w/ the tech people. argh!

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