Ergo 16 | MidTerm Madness


As a student, i sympathize

As a prof, i empathize

I’m just not sure how many of these will actually work in my field…but it’s certainly worth a try. An ‘E’ for Effort, right?


34 thoughts on “Ergo 16 | MidTerm Madness

  1. I almost feel like hanging my head in shame because I’m not sure I would have been smart enough to get far enough in the questions to be able to PROVIDE the smart-alec answers.

    I met math. It laughed in my face, threw me to the ground and told me to stay there. So I did.

    ERGO, I envy your brain that can process ANY part of it. I’ll just stick to words.


  2. ramsey…i admire you for that! These responses are far beyond my creative map! I’m more of the person who would create a christmas tree design on my scantron.

    No, no, brandy, I don’t teach MATH!!! OH glory no! I teach business and some psych…I just saw these and thought, “Hey, that’s cool…let’s make a post about it”, that’s all

    Sara…no worries, my new friend – this type of response to mathematical quandaries is far beyond my skill level…I’m certain that the math that laughed in your face surely didn’t know how funny you truly are!

  3. oh thank goodness b/c if you was that dern smrt I might not be able to be yur fariend. 😯

    Okay not really. But I’m glad you don’t teach math. I hate math. 😆

  4. Those were very funny, and creative. I aced math as long as I could count the numbers on my fingers and toes. After that I was in trouble.

    I actually enjoyed math, and this was before Bill Gates gave nerds a good name.

    Of course the numbers I most enjoy look something like this, 36-24-36. 🙂

  5. I thought maybe they would give me points for creativity but for some reason it never worked. I made christmas tree designs on parts of my GRE my senior year in college. How am I supposed to answer questions about subjects that I never took?!?

  6. I like the Find X one….I so could use that in my math class..but then again my math teacher thinks I am crazy enough:)

    love ya!

    – FL Plans Cat…stat!

  7. ED…I’m not sure i know how to respond to that one…except for the fact that I might not fit exactly into your view of perfection…not quite. Barbie, maybe. I’ll see what I can do for that kind of hook up. k.

    Brandy, I’m glad you’ll still be my friend, now that you know that the only math i do on a regular basis is figuring out how much to give for a tip.

    thanks, taminator…I miss your face. a bunch.

    Oh, and Becca…I totally wish I would have thought of the elephant one! I need that kind of brain.

    Ramsey! I’m studying for my GRE right now, and there’s NO way I’m going to pass that sucker w/o a national day of prayer!

    lil’ang, you totally have to try one of these and tell me what happens!!!!

  8. I hear ya! That is why I have not gone to grad school! I mean seriously how does knowing which train gets to the station first really going to make a difference in the whole scheme of things. That test is straight from the pit of hell!
    I’ll start praying now!

  9. hey, my thought is…if you can even TAKE the GRE w/o falling to pieces, you can make it into grad school!
    fortunately, i didn’t need it for my program…unfortunately, i’ll need it for my next endeavor.
    stupid endeavors.

  10. Well, I might have done better if I had actually studied for it. The college I graduated from made all seniors take it before graduation and they made us do it on a Saturday which was beach day and my friends who weren’t seniors were impatiently waiting for me! i really had no idea what I was doing!

  11. Well, i have to say that I’d much rather have taken it 10 years ago than now…all of this seems french to me! I’d rather have my 12 year old nephew take it for me…my guess is that he’d do much better than I will! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  12. hee hee! these made me chuckle…

    i’ve been so far removed from the school scene, that i don’t think i could handle academia now even if i tried. even though i loved school!

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