ERGO Weekend| Totally 80’s Party

Last night was like totally the most like awesome night like ever. You totally had to be there! ERGO…here’s your awesome opportunity to live vicariously through some of the favorite photo moments. Take that, Olan Mills!

and…of course…flaughter!

***more pics i just received from some of the attendees***


18 thoughts on “ERGO Weekend| Totally 80’s Party

  1. yeah, my date was pretty hot. He totally fit the part!!!! Now, if he dressed like that normally, i might have some issues w/ that, especially the faux hauk – that was cool for about 3 months 5 years ago…so, I can understand why this guy was in the past tense of ramsey!

  2. oh I am so jealous! I love an 80’s themed party! Even though I spent the beginning of the 80’s in diapers and the end of the 80’s being confused about why my mom was talking to me about periods. 😯 wha?!

    I am sending you a picture of my 80’s getup at a party last year. fun fun!

  3. um. you just made the 80’s look good!

    i forgot that i had mentioned to mandy, before we all met in KC, that it would be fun to do an 80’s night.

    well. next time i guess 😉

  4. You look so cute!!! Only, I have to say that if I was being true to my late 80s high school self, I would have had MUCH bigger hair. You know, the bangs that were so high and so thin you could almost see through them?

    And the “wings” on the sides … we would hold the side of our hair our with a brush, lacquer on hairspray and then use a blow dryer to blow it into position.

    It’s a freaking miracle we never took flight before the Homecoming dance. And the boys had to have insane hormones to think we were at all cute. Cuz I’m here to tell you, cute is not the right word for how we looked!!!

    I swear I used so much hairspray I was able to cheer at the football game and still make it to the dance with barely a touch up. That lacquer really held…

  5. oh ramsey, when it comes to the 80s vs. today, you have to be picky…as wonderful as it is to see Zack Morris on TV today…it would have been much better had he stayed in Save By The Bell territory…as w/ the 80’s…

    Brandy!!! I’m so w/ you on that one! Mark and I could barely remember anything from the early 80’s – not b/c we were drunk or high, but b/c we were still deciding whether or not we liked the crust on our pb&j. It was fun nonetheless…we did plenty of google searches to get it right…i think we did ok.

    Taminator, does this mean we get a re-do???????

    Sara, I totally could have used your guidance on Friday! I kept teasing my hair higher and higher and sprayed the thing to death, but it just wouldn’t stay…i was trying to figure out how we made our hair stay for hours on end…but then i remembered our good ol’ friend…AQUA NET!!!! What could we have done w/o her!!?!?

  6. We were pretty much obsessed with Kenra hairspray in those HUGELY tall bottles back in the day.

    That was back before my hair mysteriously turned curly… curls back then could have saved me from a lot of embarrassing hairstyles… 🙂

    Looks like you have a lot of great friends; I love that you all take the time to really enjoy each other…

    The eighties.. Oh so loved the eighties.. My slap on bracelet and big hair, leg warmers, snapping my gum, rocky horror picture show, and clove cigarettes.

    the eighties…………..

    you guys looked hot!!!

  8. oh, sara!!! Had I only known!!! The curly hair may have kept me from getting a poodle perm…oh, those pictures from back then need to be burned!

    Ha! Heidi, I’m ready for YOUR 80’s party!!!! I need to see that head to toe!!! Including the side smoke w/ the cloves!!! We tried to wrap the hottness of the 80’s into one outfit…that was a tough job, but hey…someone had to do it! 😉

    Cindy…you’re so right!!! I’m looking back at these pictures and I now realize that my mouth is open in literally 90% of the pics! Oh dear…

    Mandy mac! I gazzilion hear YOU!!!! I even had heart earrings to wear in my third earring holes, but they’ve closed since i haven’t used those in at least 8 years!!!

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