Ergo 21| what’s in a name?

my main slice of cheese spoke at the church where we both used to work – it still has a part of our hearts. We’ve been blessed by their ministry but more so by the PEOPLE in that ministry. His talk is up and running and I wanted those of you who “know” me on this blog to get a little glimpse into why I love my slice so much! When he speaks, he speaks with integrity and a raw reality…and I love listening to him b/c I know that what he says on stage is backed up by the way he lives every day. That means solidity to me. Ergo, go to the site, take a good 45 minutes to get a little sense of how incredibly blessed I truly am!



11 thoughts on “Ergo 21| what’s in a name?

  1. Mark is vey animated and his passion really comes across.

    Changing a name to give it more meaning does make sense.

    Ergo – “Old bald man.” Maybe I should just stick with Ed.

  2. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness… this went to my bones. I liked how Mark talked about Saul and the new church… humans are constantly in motion, trying to seek Him, keeping themselves out of the way.

    You spoke to me today.



  3. ed, oh ed…i don’t even know what that means! 😉 But I’d most certainly keep to “Ed”
    but yes, the worship leader, Bryan, gets that often…he’s amazing though…explosively passionate in his faith!!! Amazing!

    Roxx…i’m so glad you liked it…i loved the whole “expected and prayed for” part…that was amazing!!!

  4. Wow, Cathi. Please tell him how amazing I think that was… I learned, I was intrigued and entranced in his excitement and conviction. I’m so proud of him and I don’t even know him!

    I so value being challenged and encouraged. He did both.

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