Ergo Weekend | Caption This…say wha???

My weekend w/ “the girls” was one of those never-will-ever-forget weekends. ERGO…it’s never too late to pull out one of my favorite pictures – it just cracks me up…the taminator sent it to me a few weeks ago, and I’ve placed it on my desktop as a certain memory of this amazing weekend full of laughter, tears… and corn mazes.

So…for the sake of captioning caption-less pictures…I invite you to caption THIS:


11 thoughts on “Ergo Weekend | Caption This…say wha???

  1. if i were to name mandy after a 7 dwarf for this photo, she’d be “dopey”.

    cathi would be “happy”

    and i would be, prolly, “grumpy”

    caption: “why are these chicks gettin all up in my photo?!”

  2. it still makes my heart smile! I just laugh at the fact that I look completely clueless…this smile is half way ready to take a picture and half way saying, “a wha?”
    Kristi…I think she was trying to make friends with her gps gone wrong

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