Ergo 30 | Mark my words…

open with caution…a recent chat w/ my slice during class…

he then asked me to take a pic of this “classy” elf moment…


***editor’s addendum***

so, I evidently forgot the ERGO in this post, ERGO, sara had my back here. Thanks muffin!!!!


7 thoughts on “Ergo 30 | Mark my words…

  1. im almost felt like a stalker reading through this. and then pic took it over the edge. sassy chat with pics. ooo-la-la!

    i need to go read my bible now.


  2. oh alece, my ergo was lost in translation…you couldn’t read it on a south african computer, that’s all. 😉

    Thanks sara, I knew I could count on you for all my ergo endeavors! Ergo, ergo, ergo!!!!

    Oh taminator…I’ve saved you from some of the greater chats…we need to keep this blog clean, you know. oh, scandelous!!!!

    I know, mandy…I know. I can’t say that I didn’t try seeing if you were logged on…

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