Ergo 31 | birthMonths are for rockstars!

So, it all started but a few weeks ago w/ a fellow green-eyed companion, but we made it! We may have skipped a few days, cheated a few times, cut in line and stopped for a few potty breaks down the road, but we made it! ERGO, let’s celebrate!!!!

Happy BirthMONTH mandy mac!!!!
Know that you’re loved.


11 thoughts on “Ergo 31 | birthMonths are for rockstars!

  1. Thank you Cathi for being didactically appologetic with your word ERGO.

    Took me 10 minutes to look up a big word (more than 4 letters).

    And the meaning?


  2. well then, sara, Ergo looks really good on you! You should wear it more often – it goes well w/ your eyes!

    And daddy, great words! However, you could say nothing and I’d be amazed at how wonderful you are!!!! I’ll see you in just a few minutes!!!!

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